What is Complete Care?

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Complete Care isn’t just our philosophy – it’s our practice.

Have you ever left the doctor feeling unheard? Frustrated by long waits and short appointments? Or that gnawing feeling that your pregnancy and birth plan isn’t a collaborative effort but is, rather, a series of decisions being made for you by your provider? We’ve been there – we’re moms, too.

At Baby+Co., we believe that women and their families deserve better maternity care. Plain and simple.

We designed our Complete Care model to be grounded in evidence, combining best-in-class medical services with wellness practices that considers physical and emotional needs – educating, empowering, and supporting you along the way.


Complete Care is a Team Effort

Our Complete Care team of Board Certified Nurse-Midwives, Health Coaches, and Educators all work together, in collaboration with our physician partners and local hospitals, to support every aspect of pregnancy, including clinical care, nutrition, fitness, mental wellness and birth.

Our services are covered by most major insurance.


What does Complete Care Include?

Clinical Care

Our care team provides clinical care for all stages of pregnancy – preconception, prenatal, and postpartum. With Baby+Co., you get the best of modern medicine – access to routine screenings, medications, and needed interventions – but you also get a provider who will go a step further, making it their mission to educate you and support your emotional and physical needs throughout your care.

Our team also provides well woman care from puberty to postmenopause, which includes gynecologic exams, annual visits, sick visits, and more.


Labor & Delivery

During your third trimester, you collaborate with your care team to create a customized birth plan. The birth plan includes where you want to deliver (in center or hospital), who you want to be present, what pain management tools you’re interested in using, and more. We will be by your side every step of the way – you will always have your provider in the room with you during labor.

Baby+Co. supports the choice of every parent, which is why we support births both in our centers as well as with our local hospital partners.

The birth suites in our centers prioritize the safety of mom and baby while providing you and your care team with ample space and comfort for labor. We utilize integrative pain management techniques such as hydrotherapy (a.k.a. water birth in deep tubs and showers), nitrous oxide, TENS units, massage, and movement to facilitate labor. Narcotics are available to birthing parents who choose to labor in the hospital. 96% of Baby+Co. parents who labored in our centers felt their pain was well managed.


Education Classes

We start by getting to know you and empowering you with education. Our classes are designed to prepare you and your family for the journey to parenthood (or to provide helpful refreshers) and cover all aspects of pregnancy and birth. Some of our classes include:

  • The Birth Journey: An interactive 6-week course designed to be taken with a partner that prepares you for labor and delivery with integrative pain management techniques, breathing and active birthing techniques, and creating a birth plan, as well as breastfeeding and your postpartum needs. (Learn more about the importance of birth classes here!)
  • Breastfeeding Basics: An instructive class on latch techniques, breast care, milk production, common breastfeeding challenges, and more.
  • Newborn Care: Understanding baby’s first week at home! Covers diapering, swaddling, bathing, normal newborn appearance and behavior, and more.


Lifestyle Workshops

Whereas classes are geared to specific stages of pregnancy and postpartum, our lifestyle workshops on nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness can be taken at any time, by anyone. The workshops are particularly geared toward pregnancy and postpartum, as these are all key components of a healthy body and baby.

  • Eat: nutrition for fertility and pregnancy
  • Move: low-impact fitness programs
  • Breathe: mindfulness for stress-reduction


Support Groups

Many Baby+Co. moms tell us that they meet their mom friends here. We have new mom (and partner!) groups starting every month, as well as specific support groups for lactation. It’s easy to feel isolated as a new parent, and at Baby+Co., our goal is to connect you with others who are going through the same stage of life that you are.


Community Events

We invite our families back into the center every month to celebrate holidays with us and meet others in the community with playdates and fun events. We also host a number of educational events, like infant CPR, and meet ‘n’ greets, such as opportunities to meet the local doula community or local financial planners.


Designed by Moms, for Moms

Our centers are designed with mom and family in mind, and it shows. You’ll find everything you need at our centers, so there is no need to rush to different locations for clinical visits or parent groups. The exam rooms, education classrooms, and birthing suites are all here. And because we know that your family is an important part of this journey, we’ve built our spaces to include them. We’ve got toys for your older children in every room, dedicated play areas, and spacious community rooms. You pay attention to the little things, and so do we.


To learn more about Complete Care at Baby+Co., click “contact” on the upper right corner or fill out the pop-up form on this page.

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