Vanderbilt University Medical Center Acquires Baby + Company – Your Questions Answered

What has been announced?

Vanderbilt University Medical Center announced the acquisition of Baby + Company, a freestanding birthing center located in Nashville. The two parties have signed a definitive agreement, a final document outlining the terms of the sale. The sale becomes final on May 1.

Are any changes expected at Baby + Company? 

Baby + Company’s model of care will not change. Vanderbilt University School of Nursing’s Midwifery Program has been contracted to provide clinical care at Baby + Company since the facility opened about five years ago. The providers will not change. Women will continue to get a high quality, personalized care experience with choice of provider and birth at the center or at a hospital. We anticipate a seamless transition as we transition to ownership under the Vanderbilt Health umbrella of services.

Why did Vanderbilt University Medical Center decide to purchase Baby + Company?

Vanderbilt Health wanted to be able to offer the full spectrum of obstetric services – from women and babies needing highly specialized care due to increased maternal risk factors or fetal differences to women who want to deliver unmedicated in a birth center. Birth experiences are a highly personal decision, and designing our care models to adapt to a wide range of medical needs and preferences will result in better outcomes for families. We are thrilled to be able to offer an enhanced patient-centered birth experience.

Once the purchase is finalized, Vanderbilt University Medical Center will be the only academic health center with a birth center accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.

Will hospital delivery at St. Thomas Midtown still be an option for women needing a higher level of care?

After May 1, all hospital births will take place at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s main campus located nearby.  Dr. Thigpen will remain a provider available for Baby + Company patients, and he will now be part of and supported by the larger Vanderbilt Health team.

Can I see a doctor and a midwife if I want to?

Yes! Women in our care can choose which providers they would like to see.

I have a financial plan with Baby + Company and have started payments – what happens now?

We do not estimate major changes in financial plans and will work directly with those who have established payment plans to address any questions or changes. Please contact Baby + Company directly with your questions.

Will VBACs still be offered?

Yes! Women seeking a VBAC will be supported at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and can choose a doctor or midwife for their care.

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