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Many breastfeeding mothers pump breastmilk to bottle feed now and then, and some moms pump 3-5 days a week while they are working. Still other mothers feed their babies by exclusively pumping and bottle feeding. What pump should you get to fit your feeding needs and lifestyle? Read on for our top recommendations from our Educator and Lactation Specialist, Heather Price! 

For all breastfeeding parents: Learn hand expression techniques and have at least a Haakaa. A Haakaa is a one-piece, silicone hand pump. It works by suctioning to breast and gently drawing milk from the breast. Many moms use this kind of pump to collect milk from one breast while nursing baby on the other; or, you can use it to pump to replace a feed from baby. 

For the stay-at-home mom who pumps for occasional bottles: A Haakaa or manual hand pump like Lansinoh or Medela, or, a double-electric pump like the working mom below might use. 

For the working mom, who is away from baby 3-5 days a week, pumping 3-5 times a day: Most working moms prefer a more efficient pumping experience with personal use pumps like the Spectra S1 (rechargeable electric pump) or Spectra S2 (not rechargeable), or Medela Pump In Style Advanced. All of these listed are double-electric pumps, so you can maximize milk output by pumping both breasts simultaneously and be efficient with your time. 

For the exclusively pumping mom: many women find that getting started with a hospital grade pump, like Medela Symphony, brings milk in most effectively and establishes abundant milk supply. Typically a rental because of the high retail cost and multiple user ability, hospital grade pumps are available at Baby and Company for $65 a month, and are also available at most hospitals. After a few weeks with the hospital grade pump, some people move on to use a personal use Medela PISA or a Spectra to maintain supply, while others stick with the hospital grade pump for the duration of their exclusive pumping, or until introducing solids around 6 months of age. 

People who either decide to exclusively pump from birth, or who end up exclusively pumping because of changing needs would greatly benefit from individualized guidance from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) to maintain or build milk supply. 

To learn more about pump recommendations, how to use your pump, and tips on maximizing milk output, register for our Express Pumping Basics class at Baby and Company!  

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