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Rebecca Lucas


Rebecca Lucas

Before moving to Nashville from Texas in the fall of 2018 to be a hands-on Nanna for her 2 incredible grandbabies, Rebecca was a hospital nurse working with families having babies for more years than she can (or wants to!) count. Sometimes “old nurses” can get burn-out - she can understand how this happens, she would like to say it wasn’t happening to her….but when she got the chance to work at Baby and Company she rediscovered her joy of helping babies come in to this world! 


She is completely, 100% IN for the awesome, amazing, nurturing, empowering and evidence-based (that’s medical-ese for SCIENTIFIC) care that Baby and Company provides.  She feels that God has gifted her with a chance to work with the most incredible group of people and care-givers that she has ever met, and she LOVES being a part of this Birth Center.  


Nashville has given her the joy of loving on her grandkids AND loving her work more than she ever thought possible.  Here’s to a future of helping the NEXT 1000 families experience a Baby and Company birth….and many more as we help to change the way babies are born in this country. 

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