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Madeleine Pascale


Madeleine Pascale

Madeleine Pascale, MS, CNM, APRN, or Maddye as she likes to be called, is a Baby and Company CNM. She started her career in nursing following in the footsteps of her mom and grandma, becoming a thirdgeneration labor nurse at Georgetown University Hospital after getting her nursing degree at Villanova University. Being around women during birth in the hospital setting inspired Maddye to want to pursue a career in midwifery to offer a different, more woman-centered approach. She attended New York University to complete her midwifery training where she was immersed in busy hospitals of New York City catching many babies in the hospital model. After graduation she moved to Nashville to work at Baby and Company. Working in this midwifery-led model of maternity care has been an absolute dream of hers. She is so excited to be a part of our clients’ experience during their pregnancy, labor, and birth in both hospital and birth center settings. In her spare time, Maddye loves being outdoors gardening, skiing, running, playing tennis, and riding her bike.  


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