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Kathleen Chandler

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Kathleen Chandler

Kathleen joined Baby and Company in July of 2019 as the Community Outreach. Over the past 15 years, she has used her creative problem-solving skills, extreme attention to detail, and ability to work gracefully under pressure to create indelible events and marketing experiences from ideation all the way to execution. Throughout her unique career, Chandler has had the privilege to work with A-list music artists and global brands as well as nonprofit organizations.  Her varied career has included entertainment, education and advocacy with a focus on marketing in each of those areas.  

She is a Tennessee native (with a brief stint in New York City) and has lived in Nashville for 15 years.  She has a daughter and son who she had with midwives in hospital settings because there weren’t any birth centers in Nashville during that time. She is passionate about birth options, women’s empowerment, social justice and enjoys cooking, enjoying new restaurants, and is always up for a night out for dancing.  

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