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Jenissa Saadat


Jenissa Saadat

Jenissa Saadat graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2017 with a Masters of Science in Nursing and dual certification as a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner.  She began her midwifery career at a hospital-based practice in Chattanooga, TN, but returned to Nashville in 2019 to join the Baby+Co family.

She is passionate about caring for women from all walks of life and firmly believes in the importance of educating women about their bodies and enabling them to make well-informed healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.  She is also bilingual in Spanish and English, is married into an Iranian family, and has a special place in her heart for women from other cultures and backgrounds.

As a native Michigander, she has come to love the hills of Tennessee and welcomes any opportunity to get out hiking with her husband, Saman, and their dog, Scoby.

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