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Alania Stochaj


Alania Stochaj

Hailing from the great land that is Red Sox Nation, Alania Stochaj BSN, RN, WHNP candidate is so happy to be here at Baby and Company! After attending nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania, she slowly made her way south, laboring and delivering along the way. She finds great value in evidence-based practice and individualized care. Her advice to patients is, “if you have a question…ASK! Ask me! If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does. We will learn together!” 

Alania enjoys living in Nashville with her partner who is also a nurse. She loves Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Seinfeld, and a plethora of books and podcasts. She detests parallel parking and Bop It Extreme. When she’s not “welcoming the noobs to the party” she is either traveling (next up Norway!) or marveling at the unlimited cuteness supplied by her furbabies: Mama, Prada, and FDR.  

Alania cannot wait to meet you (between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am)!  

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