Complete Care isn’t just our philosophy – it’s our practice. Have you ever left the doctor feeling unheard? Frustrated by long waits and short appointments? Or that gnawing feeling that your pregnancy and birth plan isn’t a collaborative effort but is, rather, a series of decisions being made for you by your provider? We’ve been there – we’re moms, too. At Baby+Co., we believe that women and their families deserve better maternity care. Plain and simple. We designed our Complete Care model to be grounded in evidence, combining best-in-class medical services with wellness practices that considers physical and emotional needs –… Read More

Birth is one of the most rigorous natural processes a body can go through. Yes, some bodies are built to do this – but wow, who knew all the stuff that went with it? There are some things that, courtesy of your mom and the internet, you probably know, like that you will defecate at some point during the process, or that newborns can have trouble latching onto the nipple to breastfeed. But here are some lesser known facts about birth and the immediate aftermath – the challenging and… Read More

Let’s be honest, pregnancy can wreak havoc on the musculoskeletal system and the back is no exception. During pregnancy, the breasts and belly expand and that extra weight pulls the shoulders and upper back forward. Simultaneously, the lower back begins to curve inward to compensate for the shift in the expecting woman’s center of gravity. As this change occurs, the muscles and ligaments in the lower back become shorter, tighter, weaker, and achy, and women begin to experience back pain in pregnancy. Read More

Now, more and more birthing sites across the U.S. are offering this option to their patients, joining 65% of countries across the globe that have been providing “gas and air” in post - World War II Europe for years and with great results. The self-administered gas is 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide. It generates a relaxed state within which one experiences a diminished perception of pain. Nitrous is fast acting, achieving peak effect at 30 – 50 seconds after inhalation. The gas is often just enough to help a woman get through her labor or allow her to delay the use of the epidural, but it’s not for everyone. Read More

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