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KC. second time mom.

Sigourney's Birth Story

sigourneys birth story kc cruisingKC Netzke and her husband, Travis, are the parents of the inaugural baby at Baby+Company in Wheat Ridge. They, along with their three-year-old daughter Vosh, were so excited to welcome baby Sigourney to the world on August 31, 2015. The rest of the team was thrilled to be there as well – everyone came to attend the birth, from the nurses and midwives to the manager of the birth center. It was, as KC describes it, “full-on party mode.” She tells us more about her experience.

It’s so good to chat with you! Give us the background on your family.

I’m KC, and I’m a fundraiser for a nonprofit program. My husband, Travis is a training and development professional. We have two little girls: Vosh, who is three and a half, and Sigourney, who is eight months old and was born at Baby+Company!

How did you decide on Baby+Company for your labor and delivery?

I had had Vosh at a midwifery center in South Denver, and it was a great experience. I started my care there, but the drive was a bit far. My doula told me that Baby+Company was opening in North Denver, right near my house. They were opening in late June or July, and I was due in August, so we were cutting it pretty close to the wire! I transferred to Baby+Company when I was 34 weeks pregnant, and did all of my later prenatal visits with them.

At the time, there were two midwives at Baby+Company and one of them was actually my midwife with Vosh, so I felt very comfortable with the care we were getting.

Tell us about the big day. What were you doing when you went into labor?

sigourneys birth story kc car seatSiggi’s due date was the 30th, but I thought she’d come early because I’d been having prodromal labor for weeks. The midwives gave me several suggestions for ways to get the ball rolling, but I was committed to sticking with the due date.

At 11pm on the 30th, my water burst. I texted my midwife and told her I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I was going to stay at home and labor a while, but she said “Come in! We’re so excited to do this!” By the time I got to Baby+Company, everybody was there and ready to celebrate the first birthday!

So how did the birth go?

My doula, Whitney Nichols at Birth First, met us at the birth center. Vosh and Dad came with us, so it was really a family affair. They settled in this cute little classroom area where Vosh could relax, and my labor kicked into overdrive right away.

I was familiar with all the tools at my disposal, because it was the same room where my prenatal visits had been. I had them fill the tub while I sat on the exercise ball. Once labor really started, I went from the ball to the tub. Sigourney was born really quickly! It was only about two hours from the time my water broke until she was born. My midwife held one arm and the doula held the other, and she was born in the tub. It was the perfect set up. Everyone was so respectful of the space; it was a very special, sacred moment.

Did you use any special techniques to handle the pain?

I used some meditation and breathing techniques, and my doula coached me on breathing and mindfulness. Being in the tub helped enormously with the labor pain. The lights were low, the music was playing softly, aromatherapy was on and everything was very quiet, which was helpful to me. The midwives were so good with Vosh and my husband – they treated them like royalty, which made me feel safe and secure so I could just focus on having the baby.

sigourneys birth story kc mom of twoI love aromatherapy, and the midwife had lavender going for me before I even asked for it. My husband had set up some music for me. I was shocked by how quickly everything went and how intense it was. I was a little freaked out by it, honestly. But everyone there used such calming tones and gave me so much faith and confidence in the process and my body. By the time I was thinking, “Wow, this actually really hurts,” Sigourney was born! Even though it seemed shockingly fast and it was the very first baby at the center, you’d never have known. It was so smooth. Even though things seemed frenzied from my end, you couldn’t tell that by looking at the midwives. It was fast but it never felt rushed; I knew they had everything under control, which was so reassuring to me.

Do you have any advice for expectant parents?

I believe very strongly in getting the support one needs for the experience of birth. I can’t overstate the value of having someone who is reassuring and calm and can tell you that this is normal and all births are different. I was so lucky to have that with my whole team at Baby+Company.

And we feel lucky to have been a part of Sigourney’s birth! Congratulations, Netzke family!

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