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Martin's Birth Story: From Dad's Point of View

martins birth story julia loved at baby+coAlex and Julia are world travelers; born in Russia, they traveled to America in February of 2015, and are currently living in Israel. During their stay in the United States, Julia gave birth to their first child, Martin, at Baby+Company in Cary. New father Alex graciously took some time to send us the following account of his son’s birth.

My wife Julia and I moved to America for eight or nine months to live as tourists. The time we spent here was very relaxing. We traveled, met with our friends, and talked and thought about our future with our soon-to-be-expanded family. We were taking a class in English as a Second Language, and we met a lot of people from other countries – China, Venezuela, Turkey, and all over Europe. We compared their birthing traditions with how we typically do things in Russia, and it was very interesting to learn about labor and delivery around the world.

martins birth story julia baby in blueIn 1993, I was at the house when my nephew was born in the bathtub at home in Russia. I was only twelve years old, but I remember that it was very cozy and homey. The whole process was so quick, and I wanted something like that for my child. We wanted to go to a birth center with a midwife, and I was asking my friends about organizations when I saw an ad for Baby+Company in a magazine. We wanted a natural birth, and so we called the midwife and she invited us to the center to talk about everything. I knew the experience at Baby+Company would be great. I felt very confident; I knew what we were doing and why we were doing it in that way.

Martin’s due date was August 15, but he came early! Julia and I were working at home in the evening on August 3rd, and suddenly she felt very calm and comfortable because the baby had turned so his head was down. It was much easier for her to walk around, so we went on a longer walk than we usually would. At five o’clock in the morning, she started having contractions. I was so relieved to remember all the instructions! She filled the bath and got in the tub, where it was easier for her to control the contractions and the pain. I sat next to her, counting the minutes. Around 3:30 her contractions were coming about five minutes apart, so we headed to Baby+Company.

martins birth story julia baby tobogganEverything moved so quickly once we got there. We had originally planned on a water birth – we even filled the tub, but Martin arrived before my wife could get in! She started out laboring in the bed, and then she moved to the special chair for delivery (laboring stool), and that worked perfectly. I was holding her as she sat on the chair, and she coped with the pain by biting me on my neck and hands. The next day I had teeth marks all over my hand! I didn’t mind, though. She is an incredible woman – very strong.

I was nervous, but Jualeah calmed me down. I felt very confident with her. I encouraged Julia as she pushed, and Martin was born just 45 minutes after we had arrived at the birth center. I was so relieved when I looked into his beautiful gray eyes. The midwives handed me the baby, and I held him as they took care of my wife. Then Julia held Martin and fed him. After six hours, we put the baby in the car and went home. We were shocked and happy that everything was so quick, and so much easier than we thought it’d be!

martins birth story beach familyWe are now waiting for our citizenship papers to come through so we can start to work here in Israel. We are in a holding pattern, but everything’s going to be great. Martin is an extremely healthy, joyful, bright little person. Everybody loves him. He is the source of our happiness.

I would 100% – no, 300% – recommend Baby+Company to other people. I hope that writing this story will encourage other people to go to the birth center. We will travel back to America for our next baby! It was a great experience, and I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

Thanks for the kind words and sharing Martin’s birth story with us, Alex! It was a pleasure working together with you and Julia, and we hope you and your family come to visit whenever you are stateside!

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