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Finding the Right Provider: Zane's Birth Story

zane's birth story elicia new familyElicia and her husband, Dustin, were confident in their vision for holistic prenatal care and labor and delivery. Their primary options in Steamboat Springs were either the local OB or an at-home midwife. When they met with the doctor for Elicia’s 10-week appointment, things didn’t go well. Elicia initially declined to do the ultrasound as she felt it was unnecessary, but was pressured into it by health care providers. She was anxious and nervous about visiting them again, but the at-home midwife was unavailable and she felt uncomfortable with an at-home birth. Elicia tells us how she discovered Baby+Company in Wheat Ridge, and why it was an answer to her prayers.

“From the beginning, my experience with prenatal care was a nightmare. The OB spent less than five minutes with me, and was unsupportive of my decisions. Our insurance was giving us all kinds of trouble, and I just didn’t know what to do. I was horribly anxious before every appointment and dreaded giving birth with a team I didn’t trust.

zanes birth story elicia sleepy smilesOne night, I broke down in tears on the living room floor. Our faith is very important to us, and I had been praying for a solution. My mom called to comfort me, and she suggested that we look at birthing centers in Denver, which is three hours away. I started Googling and found Baby+Company, which looked more like a spa than a birth center. I called and chatted with the midwife for 45 minutes. I could tell that they believe that women are meant to give birth, and that it’s a natural and wholesome process. My husband also called to talk to them, and they spent so much time answering every single question we had. When we got off the phone, I started crying again – I just felt such peace in my spirit. I knew we had found the place where I would bring our child into this world.
I was 31 and a half weeks pregnant, so I had found them in the nick of time! My grandparents live down the street, so we stayed with them when we had appointments. The moment I entered the birth center, I knew it was the right decision. The space was so comforting and safe. At our first meeting, the midwife wanted to know everything about me. It was very holistic; she asked about every aspect of my life, and I never felt rushed. I can’t stress enough how dramatically different the experience was.

zanes birth story elicia broncos newbornOn the big day, we drove down to my grandparent’s house, where I labored through the night. Once the contractions began to get really difficult, we went to the center. I was already 8 centimeters dilated when we arrived! The birth itself was an amazing experience. We had taken the classes, so I was familiar with the different positions and breathing techniques.

The midwives gave suggestions, but really let my husband Dustin be my cheerleader. They gave us room to do what we needed to do. I was sick during labor, and they helped clean me up and would come in to monitor the baby’s heartbeat, but they really just let us do our thing, which was exactly what I wanted. After five and a half hours, I was exhausted. I rested for a bit, and then my water broke.

When it was time to push, the midwives and my husband were all around me, shouting encouragement. I felt so supported, like I had a team of cheerleaders. The baby’s heart rate had dropped a couple of times during contractions, and I know that if I had stayed in Steamboat, they would have given me a C-section. I’m so grateful for the way things turned out.

zanes birth story elicia dad and babyGiving birth at Baby+Company was one of the biggest gifts I’ve been given in my life. They gave us space and time to snuggle with Zane, our sweet baby boy. The midwife called us the next day to chat about how everything was going. I felt like I could ask them anything, and they wouldn’t judge me at all.

At Baby+Company, I never felt like an inconvenience. I can’t emphasize enough how different my birth center experience was in comparison to the OB. So many women I talk to have C-sections or are disappointed in their labor and delivery experience, and I was so blessed to find exactly what I wanted.”

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