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Megan. second time mom.

Nurse Megan Tyler is loving life as the mother of two gorgeous little boys. Her oldest son, Liam, was delivered in a hospital. Once Megan realized she could give birth without an epidural, she was eager to try something different for the birth of her second son. After investigating birth centers in the Cary area, she and her husband fell in love with Baby+Company. She shared her journey with us:

Ezra's Birth Story: A Holy Experience

When I was pregnant with Liam, I was open to pretty much anything in terms of pain meds during labor because I had no idea what it was going to be like. I wanted to have him in the tub, but the doctors at the hospital told me they didn’t recommend water births for first-time moms. I labored in the tub but had to move to the bed. The back labor was awful, and they gave me pain medication to help.

The pain medication didn’t do anything for the pain, but it completely drained my energy. I was dozing through my contractions, but I didn’t feel any better. When Liam was born (after half an hour of pushing), I had first-degree tears and needed several stitches. My recovery was difficult and the whole experience, to me, was sterile and cold.

When we discovered I was pregnant with Ezra, we started seeing the doctors at the same practice again. After my anatomy scan, though, I knew I wanted to switch providers. I felt so rushed. The nurse barely let me get any of my questions out, and I felt like one patient in a giant assembly line. They just wanted to get us in and out of the office, and I was worried that things were so hectic that something important could be overlooked or missed. I wanted to see a doctor or midwife who actually cared about me and my pregnancy.

My sister-in-law had delivered at a birth center, and she had great things to say about it. I had read in my research that midwives have better results than hospitals and doctors. I toured some of the centers in the area, and my husband and I were thrilled to find Baby+Company. When we set up our appointment for the tour, we gave them our insurance information. At orientation, they gave us the complete breakdown and pricing. Once we knew we were in, we paid in full and there weren’t any issues. We even got several hundred dollars back in reimbursement!

ezras-birth-story-megan-in-tubI started seeing the midwives at Baby+Company when I was 23 weeks pregnant. We were lucky to get in, because they only accept 30 women who have due dates in each month. The difference between our former practice and Baby+Company was astonishing. The staff at the birth center made me feel welcome every time I came in. They greeted me by name and were always happy to see and chat with me. My husband and I especially enjoyed the class on giving birth at a birth center. The instructor was so excited to answer our questions. There was only one other couple in the class, and they had a son around Liam’s age, so the boys could play while we learned. It really helped us feel more prepared for how we could cope when the big day came.

Speaking of the big day, labor and delivery was an emotional, incredible experience. I spent most of my time in the tub because it’s where I felt most comfortable. It was so different than my labor with Liam. I had packed snacks to eat and help me stay hydrated, so I felt energized instead of exhausted or sedated. We chatted between contractions, which I really enjoyed. I didn’t feel like I was in some other medicated world.

I wasn’t sure if I’d want a water birth or not, so we decided to play it by ear. When I was ready to push, I wanted to stay in the tub. I was surrounded by people caring for me – my mother, my husband, and two midwives. Before I was in transition, I had talked with the midwife about my difficult recovery from Liam’s birth, and she gave me very specific instructions. When she said “grunt,” I would do a little bitty baby push. When she said “push,” it was time for a big push. Sure enough, I listened to her as I was pushing. She was massaging and moving the tissue so that Ezra could come out less forcefully, and worked her way all around his head. Her careful, gentle touch meant that I didn’t have any tears – and my recovery was a million times easier because of it!

Afterwards, the nurse who took care of us was wonderful. She made sure that nursing went well and that we were comfortable, paying close attention to me and Ezra. She took her time, asking if she could get us anything – I could tell she really cared about how we felt. After four hours, we were discharged! The next day we Facetimed with the nurses, and then the day after they travelled to our house to check up on us. It was so nice not to have to leave the house!

After giving birth in the hospital and giving birth at Baby+Company, I can honestly say there is no comparison. Every woman should look into Baby+Company. The experience is unlike any other. This is what giving birth should be like.”

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