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Barrett's Birth Story and Video

We have a beautiful video to document baby Barrett’s birth into this world. Read about his birth story here.

As a birth photographer in Denver, Colorado, I have the opportunity to work at a variety of birth places: hospitals, birth centers, and homes. I have a special fondness for families that decide to give birth at Baby+Company. barretts birth story rebekah tubBaby+Company’s midwives and staff are highly experienced while also being deeply empathetic and welcoming. Their education classes do an excellent job at preparing parents for an unmedicated labor and birth. And of course, their birth space is beautiful and peaceful.

When I met Rebekah and her husband, Jake, I knew they would have a beautiful birth. They both seemed so connected to each other and to the baby that was growing inside of Rebekah. I loved that they had decided to give birth at Baby+Company, and we met in their beautiful conference room for our prenatal appointment.

In early December, Rebekah texted me to say that she thought labor had begun. I packed my bags and waited to hear from Jake later on that day. Sure enough, they headed into the birth center and I followed closely behind.


Rebekah’s birth was just as beautiful as I imagined it would be. She and Jake worked together as an incredible team. Rebekah’s family also joined them for her birth. Her father was a doctor in Montana and had delivered many babies of his own. It was incredible to watch him observe his daughter and the Baby+Company care team. He was so impressed with the nurse and midwife and later told us that he even a learned a thing or two watching Rebekah’s birth unfold.

During her labor, the midwife and nurse seamlessly blended in with the support Rebekah was already receiving. They suggested different positions and offered some coping mechanisms that Jake and Rebekah utilized well. They monitored Rebekah and baby without interfering with what her body was telling her to do. It was an amazing sight to see!

The Benefits of Water Immersion for Labor and Birth

barretts birth story rebekah kissRebekah utilized much of the birthing suite. She spent time in the shower, she squatted with the assistance of the ladder, she got into the birthing tub, she sat on the birthing stool, and finally after several hours of hard but beautiful work… she gave birth to her first baby, a beautiful little boy. Rebekah and Jake were overcome with emotion, as was everyone else in the room. We then spent the next few hours celebrating and doting over baby Barrett. The midwife performed his newborn exam on the very bed where he was born, with his dad standing beside him and his mom watching from her resting place. Rebekah took an herbal bath with her baby, which was both beautiful and restorative.

I left Rebekah’s birth greatly encouraged by both her strength and the care she had received at Baby+Company. Barrett’s birth was a beautiful one, and I loved that Rebekah had been encouraged to listen to her body from the very first contraction to when she pushed out her baby. All women deserve access to the same level of care and support that Rebekah received. It’s amazing what women are capable of, and Rebekah showed us immense strength and grace on the day her beloved son was born.

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