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When we went for the initial walk-through and tour, I fell in love the minute I walked in the door. It just felt like being at home... Plus, you can literally see the hospital when you walk out the front door, so we’d be right there if anything did happen.

Worth the Wait: Stubborn Stella's Birth Story

A friend once told first-time mother Christina that “you can make as detailed of a birth plan as you want – but you might as well tear it up and throw it out the window.” It’s true that things rarely go exactly according to expectations, and that was definitely the case with Christina. She shares a bit about her experience at Baby+Company in Cary, and how “Stubborn Stella” finally made her debut!

Hi Christina! Tell us a little bit about your family.

stellas birth story christina new familyMy husband, Troy, and I have been married for three years. We actually met through mutual friends while playing Words with Friends! I’ve always loved kids and wanted a big family. In addition to Stella, who was born in July of 2016, we have two miniature schnauzers.

How did you get started at Baby+Company?

I’ve always had a lot of anxiety in hospitals; it doesn’t seem like anything positive ever happens there. I knew that giving birth would be stressful, and I didn’t want to add to that by being in a hospital. I had started with an OBGYN, but I didn’t like the care I was receiving. I really wanted to give birth as naturally as possible, and my preference was to do a home birth. Troy was completely against that, though, so Baby+Company was our compromise.

Why was your husband against a home birth?

I don’t think he really knew how well trained midwives are. He was worried that there would be no possibility for medical intervention, and that if something went wrong then the attendants at a home birth wouldn’t be able to fix it.

How did you choose Baby+Company?

stellas birth story christina baby kissWhen we went for the initial walk-through and tour, I fell in love the minute I walked in the door. It just felt like being at home. My husband wasn’t so easily convinced. He had a ton of questions, and the midwife giving the tour was able to answer everything and address all his concerns. Plus, you can literally see the hospital when you walk out the front door, so we’d be right there if anything did happen.

Did you take any of the classes?

We took every class they offer! The teacher was absolutely fantastic. She made it a lot of fun to learn, but still conveyed all of the information. After we walked out of the first class, we were a bit worried about what we’d gotten ourselves into, but after each subsequent class we felt more reassured about what was going to happen. By the end we felt like we really had a good grasp on what to expect from the birthing process.

So how did your daughter get the nickname “Stubborn Stella”?

It took us a year and a half to conceive, and she certainly took her time coming. At 39 weeks pregnant, I talked with the midwife about checking my dilation. She pointed out that it doesn’t do much good to know – I’d either be stressed that she was almost here, or stressed that she wasn’t! I realized then that Stella would arrive at her own pace.
stellas birth story christina mom and babyAt 40 weeks, though, I wasn’t at all dilated. That was disheartening because I really wanted to have the baby at the birth center and it wouldn’t happen if things didn’t get moving. Over the next two weeks, we tried everything to get labor started. They inserted a Foley catheter and swept my membranes; I drank primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea, and castor oil; we walked up and down stairs, had sex, and tried every technique in the book! But at 41 weeks and 3 days, we made the date for induction at the hospital.

When we went in, they put me on Pitocin but I wasn’t dilating. Finally, they broke my water and that got things moving. Unfortunately, after pushing for over two hours things just weren’t progressing. In the end, she was born via C-section.

How did Baby+Company play a role in your delivery and care, even though you didn’t give birth at the actual center?

During labor and delivery, some of the midwives came to the hospital to check on me. That was wonderful because I didn’t know any of the doctors, so seeing those familiar faces was like a breath of fresh air. They were definitely there for me and supported me although I wasn’t able to have the type of birth I had planned.

stellas birth story christina cesareanI was in the hospital for four days, and someone from Baby+Company visited me every single day. It was really nice.

What stands out to you about your experience at the birth center?

Just how friendly everyone is! I didn’t feel like a patient – I felt like part of a family. One of my greatest memories during my prenatal care is when I complimented the midwife’s nail polish color. She actually went out to her car, got the nail polish, and painted my toenails while she did the exam! That was just amazing to me. She went so far out of her way to make me feel comfortable. I felt a little bit better about myself that day because of her. You can go to any other doctor, and nobody else will bend over backwards to make you feel so at home.

If anyone is wondering if Baby+Company is the right place for prenatal care, trust me – it is. I didn’t get to have my daughter at the center, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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