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Choosing to go au naturale for my first birthing experience was a very scary thought, but it’s so true that you forget about the pain of childbirth once it’s over. The sense of empowerment you feel after a natural birth is unexplainable and holding Sadie in my arms for the first time made all the pain completely worth it!

Sadie's Birth Story

Nichole tells the story of her first born’s entrance into the world at our Charlotte, NC birth center below. Sadie’s birth was beautiful and inspired. 

The Path That Led Me to Baby+Company

My birth story actually began back in 2014 when my husband, Josh, and I found out we were pregnant with our first little one. After almost a year of trying, we were absolutely thrilled by the news and believe it or not, I was actually planning on a hospital birth! There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to opt for an epidural since that is what I believed to be the norm.

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Because we were uneducated and unaware of our options, we reached out to an OB-GYN for prenatal care. From the very first consultation however, I felt a sense of discomfort. Josh and I were treated as if we were at fault for getting pregnant, we were never once told congratulations, and our visits were always very cold and clinical.

A few months into the pregnancy, we received the devastating news at our 12 week ultrasound that we had lost our child to a missed miscarriage. We were left speechless after being informed in such an unsympathetic manner. When having a child you expect to receive top quality, personalized care, but that just wasn’t the case. While this was easily the lowest point in both of our lives, in the end I feel it was a blessing in disguise because it eventually led us to Baby+Company! On our road to recovery, we began conducting research and really dug deep into the birthing center, midwifery and natural birth alternatives. After exhausting all options, we decided that a natural birth accompanied by midwives was exactly what we were looking for! A year and a half later, we found out we were pregnant again and joined the Charlotte Baby+Company family – a decision that would change our lives for the better!

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Welcome to the World Sadie Rose Snipes

It all started the morning of Monday, April 11th. I was feeling a bit “crampy” and had what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions. After getting absolutely no sleep and having some abdominal pain the next day, I decided to call up Baby+Company and the midwife on call suggested that I come in for a check up. To my surprise, we found out I was in fact having contractions and that I was at 4cm and in early labor!

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My water broke around 9:45 on Wednesday morning as I was lying in bed resting in between contractions. My husband still laughs to this day because out of nowhere, I so calmly stated “Oh, my water just broke.” His reaction was not so calm. He immediately ran out of the room and went downstairs to share the news with my parents! And from that moment on it was total chaos!

Josh began packing our bags / getting things together while I attempted to do my hair and makeup in between contractions! So not only did our procrastination get the best of us, but I was on another planet thinking I had to look my best before going into a natural labor! Within the hour, we jumped in his truck and got to the birthing center by 11:02 and in record time, I might add.

During the first half of labor our nurse, Rebeca, guided me through multiple positions that included a mix of rocking, swaying my hips, and squatting, which all helped tremendously. While each one had its perks, I ended up spending the majority of my time in the bathtub where I was able to best rest in between contractions. I had cold washcloths on my forehead, under my neck and on my chest – all while getting a warm hydro-massage from my husband and being hand fed M&M’s by Rebeca. I felt like a queen!

As things started to progress, I lost awareness of everything that was going on around me and found myself focusing solely on Josh who was holding my hand and coaching me every step of the way. He had been my rock throughout the entire experience and I could not have gotten through this without him! At 9cm my contractions started getting more intense. It was at this time that I started having the urge to push. I was always open to a water birth and while it was where I found the most comfort during active labor, I decided moving to the bed was the best place to carry out the remainder of labor.

sadies birth story nichole mom and baby

So there I was, lying on my left side with my husband sitting on the bed right in front of me, giving me the strength to make it through each contraction. Between pushes, I felt nothing – no pain. During these lulls I’d look up to Josh and the midwives and chat a bit, much to their surprise! No more than an hour of pushing went by and I finally heard the midwife call my husband down to the foot of the bed. We had it in our birth plan that he wanted to be the one to pull her out, so as soon as I heard her call him I knew that it was go time! So, after one big push Josh and I brought our sweet daughter into the world! Just 5 hours after arriving at the birthing center, our daughter Sadie Rose Snipes, was born at 7lbs 8oz.

Looking back to when Sadie was crowning, I thought to myself that I would never do a drug-free birth again, but by the next day I was already saying that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Choosing to go au naturale for my first birthing experience was a very scary thought, but it’s so true that you forget about the pain of childbirth once it’s over. The sense of empowerment you feel after a natural birth is unexplainable and holding Sadie in my arms for the first time made all the pain completely worth it!

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I feel so fortunate that I was able to have this experience! I know it may not be for everyone, but if you are considering a natural birth – barring any complications – know that you CAN do it! I will be forever grateful and proud we chose this birthing method as it brought the sweetest baby girl into our lives in the most natural, serene and beautiful of settings. We love her to pieces and can’t imagine life without her!

What Helped Me Conquer a Natural Birth

The Power of Positive Thinking – When you’re considering a natural birth there are people who will think you are crazy and who will share their birthing horror stories and how they could never have done it without an epidural. I quickly learned to ignore negative comments. I had no illusions that birth wouldn’t be hard work and very painful, but I was up for the challenge and believed I was capable of doing it. Believe you’ll have a good birth and it’s more likely that you will. At least, I feel like that’s what helped me. And of course a great husband helps also!

Draw Strength from Those Around You – A natural childbirth is all about the experience and clearing your head of all fears and doubts. I could not have imagined my birthing experience to go any better than it did! From my husband to the midwives and nurses on call that night, I was blessed with an amazing support system that gave me the strength to keep going. So surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with and in an environment that you feel comfortable in. It truly makes all the difference and I am so grateful to Baby+Company for making it all possible!

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It is my hope that my birth story will inspire moms-to-be to consider a natural birth or at least encourage you all to do your research before jumping right into things! For those of you who have already chosen to go the natural route, I hope this helps ease any fears that you may have of the unknown. And if you or someone you know would like to speak to me in person, I would love to share more of my story! Just shoot me an email me at and we’ll set something up!

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