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The care we received during and after labor and was so calm and peaceful. Dim lights, quiet voices, skin to skin exams. It was beautiful. I cannot imagine a more perfect team of nurses and midwives or a more calm and beautiful place to bring a baby into the world. I really love the intimacy of a birth center.

Phoebe's Birth Story

Mom Ashley Walter gave birth at our Nashville birth center. Here is baby Phoebe’s beautiful birth story:

My Baby+Company baby was my fourth child. We recently moved from Orlando, Florida to Nashville, TN when I found out I was expecting. My first three children were born in a birth center back in Florida, so I immediately started searching for a midwife. I wanted a midwife because I saw an OB until 28 weeks with my first, and I wasn’t happy there. I wanted to feel closer to my care provider and not to be rushed out of appointments when I still had questions. I wanted a natural and peaceful delivery, and I could tell I wasn’t going to get that with an OB whose Cesarean rate was 30%. I soon discovered there were really no options besides home birth or hospital, neither of which made me feel at ease. An afternoon in tears with a new friend lead me to emailing Margaret Buxton, and she told me all about Baby+Company. It sounded perfect!

All of my children were born past their due dates and I expected my fourth to be the same. I woke up on Thursday morning October 22nd (40+3) at 4am with cramps, contractions, and bloody show. I waited for things to pick up, and relaxed as much as possible. At noon, my contractions were 7 minutes apart, so I called the center and asked if I could come in and get checked. I was 4cm dilated and we (my husband and I) decided to go get some food and walk around the Parthenon park. At 5pm, my contractions stopped completely unless I was walking, so we went home. I had my weekly check up scheduled the following morning and I wanted to get some rest, in case labor kicked in again.

phoebes birth story ashley whole family

Friday morning I was 5cm dilated, but not having any contractions, so I stayed home and rested. Saturday morning I woke up to a very strong contraction that lasted about 90 seconds. All day, my contractions were intense – strong enough that I couldn’t focus on anything else during a contraction, but they were only happening every 30-60 minutes. I took a long bath and went to bed around 10pm. At 11:20pm, I woke up to a strong contraction and a pop, just as it started easing up. My water had broken. I got to the bathroom as quick as possible, cleaned up, and changed my clothes. The next contraction came and it hit me. I knew I was in transition. I told my husband we had no time to wait for a babysitter. He called Taneesha (my midwife), and I woke the kids. We were 20 minutes away at best. My husband, slightly panicked, asked if I thought we were going to make it. I reassured him that we were fine. I hadn’t started moaning yet. Until the next contraction. I immediately felt my body wanting to push. Relaxing in labor is what I am good at; working with my body and letting the contractions do their job. This was a whole different ball game, as I was trying to keep her from coming in the car!

We arrived at the birth center just before midnight. Taneesha led me to a room between contractions and my husband unloaded the children. By the time he got to the room, our baby was crowning. I was feeling very stressed and unable to focus, since it was happening so fast. Taneesha got me to look her in the eyes, and she calmed me down. She told me to just give her 5 seconds at a time pushing. Before I knew it, she was telling me to grab my baby!

Phoebe Wren was born at 12:05am on October 25th, just minutes after our arrival, at 8lbs 8oz, and 21 inches of pure perfection. After I delivered the placenta (and Taneesha let me examine it, which I really wanted to do), they left us to nurse and snuggle our new baby. The care we received during and after labor and was so calm and peaceful. Dim lights, quiet voices, skin to skin exams. It was beautiful. I cannot imagine a more perfect team of nurses and midwives or a more calm and beautiful place to bring a baby into the world. I really love the intimacy of a birth center. Baby+Company is beautiful – you feel like you are at a spa retreat, not a doctor’s office. The midwives are kind, calming, and personable. They made me feel like my baby and I were genuinely cared for, every step of the way.

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I recommend Baby+Company to every person who tells me they are pregnant. You will be cared for by the most amazing group of women I have ever met. You will have a beautiful, calm, and empowering delivery. You will get peaceful bonding time with your precious baby in a beautiful setting. I almost wish we weren’t done having babies just so I could go there again!

If I had any advice for new parents, it would be this: enjoy every moment! Don’t miss out on those precious baby moments because of chores or visitors. Be selfish and soak up every possible second. Everything else can wait. It goes by so fast.

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