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Third birth

It’s the middle ground between a home birth and a hospital birth. I had the freedom to labor in the way my body wanted to, but also knew I was in the hands of incredibly competent staff with the latest safety equipment.

My Midwives Helped Me Avoid a Cesarean: Violet's Birth Story

Kim Tran of Wake Forest knew she wanted something different for the birth of her third child. Her daughter, now 12, was induced before her due date because the doctor was going on vacation. After a bad experience with the epidural, a vacuum was used to extract the baby. Her son, who is 9, was posterior, so she spent fourteen or fifteen hours in excruciating back labor. Unable to eat or drink, she was so exhausted by the time her son was born that she didn’t even have the strength to open her eyes. So when she and her boyfriend Rob learned that she was pregnant, they turned to Baby+Company in Cary. They share their story with us:

violets birth story kim new family“Violet was born on September 23, 2015, and the experience at Baby+Company was everything we wanted. We were a bit worried about the forty minute drive, but knowing that the hospital was right across the street in case of an emergency put our fears to rest. We were determined to have more control over the birth experience this time around.

I had had a lot of preterm labor symptoms – I had been having contractions for months, and even had to leave work just to try to keep Violet safe and in my belly. I was 4 cm dilated for two weeks, and every night I would have regular contractions that were a few minutes apart. Eventually, they’d stop, so it was just false labor.

violets birth story kim newbornOn the morning of the 23rd, Rob took the kids to the bus and while he was gone, my contractions began getting stronger and more regular. When he returned, I told him I thought it was the real deal. Since this was my third child, we were worried that labor would happen really quickly, so I just took a quick shower and we drove to the birth center.

When we arrived, my contractions were four minutes apart and I was 6 cm dilated. Rob got some food for us, but I mostly stuck to beef jerky – chewing on it helped me through my contractions! I was all over the room, going in and out of the tub, using the birthing stool and the ball. Soon I began to have back labor, and the midwife realized the baby was posterior. They had me get onto all fours and put the rebozo underneath my belly. The nurse and midwife shook me around for a long time to try to get the baby to turn around, which she eventually did. We were so grateful for that. Had we not been at Baby+Company, they likely would have done a C-section. The midwives did a lot more than we expected, even of a birthing center, just to make sure I didn’t have to go through back labor.

violets birth story kim mandesaFinally, the midwife broke my water because things weren’t progressing as quickly, and the contractions started coming a little harder. I had four saline injections in my back simultaneously, which hurt a lot but really helped my back pain. When things became more difficult, I got into the tub and used the nitrous oxide, which was wonderful. The midwives supported me and things progressed until it was time to push. I began pushing, and Violet crowned.

At that point, the midwife told me to stop pushing and immediately get out of the tub. We weren’t sure what was wrong at the time, but we found out later that the baby had shoulder dystocia – her shoulder was stuck behind my pubic bone. Even though this was a major emergency and a severe problem, the midwives kept me calm and the baby safe. Everyone helped me to get to the bed, and they essentially tugged until she came out. When she was born, she was 10 pounds and 2 ounces – the biggest baby at Baby+Company at that point!

violets birth story kim going homeViolet is perfectly healthy, and we’re so glad that we chose the birth center for this experience. It’s the middle ground between a home birth and a hospital birth. I had the freedom to labor in the way my body wanted to, but also knew I was in the hands of incredibly competent staff with the latest safety equipment. Rob felt confident in their skills, so he could focus on supporting me. Just four or five hours after giving birth, we were all back home in our own beds. We’re both so happy with the way everything went.”

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