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From the minute I called Baby+Company, I got that sense of love, support, and excitement. They were so genuinely ready to go on this journey with me.

Kisyra's Birth Story and Video

kisyras birth story gisyra newbornFirst-time mother Gisyra was utterly determined to have her very first baby – a little girl – at Baby and Company in Nashville. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” and Gisyra is one tough mama! After driving an hour each way for all of her appointments, she wouldn’t let anything stop her. She shares her exciting birth story with us:


Videography credit to Kalimana Film Stories

“My husband Johnathan and I had been out celebrating the Fourth of July, and we were exhausted. But shortly after we fell asleep, my contractions woke me up. I would walk around for a bit and try to fall back asleep, but it wasn’t working. I called Margaret at the birth center, and she said it might be Braxton-Hicks since they were coming so close together. She suggested I take a shower to see if they want away, but the contractions just kept coming.
kisyras birth story gisyra supportAt four in the morning, we began the hour-long drive to Nashville. It was horrible – there were so many potholes, and the contractions were very painful. When I arrived, the midwife checked me and I was 4 cm dilated. I wasn’t about to drive back home, so I tried to get comfortable. I got in the shower and ran the water on my belly while Johnathan held my hand and supported me. Two hours later I was 6 cm dilated and my contractions were nonstop. I wasn’t getting any breaks, and although I tried walking around and doing breathing exercises, it was hard to handle the pain.

I hadn’t progressed any further by ten o’clock that morning, and I was getting tired. Margaret said the baby’s heartbeat had been a bit erratic and that we may want to consider going to the hospital. But I had fought so hard to have my baby there, driving an hour every week to see the midwives. My heart was at Baby and Company, with the staff and the loving environment. The whole place was so amazing. I didn’t want to have my baby anywhere else. I told Margaret that if staying at Baby and Company was safe, that’s where I wanted to be.

kisyras birth story gisyra laboring in tubI just tried to stay with the moment, walking around and using the shower. I tried the nitrous oxide, but it didn’t help very much. The rebozo was amazing since the baby was sunny-side up. It really took the pressure off my hips and she eventually turned around. The water was by far my biggest pain reliever, and I think that’s why my daughter loves water so much now!

Once we had decided to stay at the birth center, we really got down to business. Margaret broke my water, and from then on the labor began to progress. I got in the tub and felt ready to push. Just three pushes later, Kisyra was born! She wasn’t away from me for one minute. I got to hold her the whole time, and that opportunity was just amazing. I’ve seen babies born at hospitals and they’re whisked right away, so I felt so lucky to have that time with her. Labor and delivery was painful, but it was everything I wanted and more. The staff was so patient, loving, and motivating. Their support made all the difference.

kisyras birth story gisyra mom and babyAfter Kisyra was born, I had a hemorrhage and needed a blood transfusion right away. The Baby and Company midwives knew exactly what to do. They went to the hospital with me and stayed until I was comfortable. Every day, they called, stopped by, and texted me – even after I’d been released. I’m just amazed at how wonderful they are and how good they are at what they do.

Before going to the birth center, I had been to a clinic and I just didn’t feel that one-on-one connection with my midwife. I know that midwives deliver a lot of babies, but I wanted someone who was going to go through the journey with me and be as excited about it as I was. From the minute I called Baby and Company, I got that sense of love, support, and excitement. They were so genuinely ready to go on this journey with me.”

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