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I have always had a passion for natural birth, so I knew when I got pregnant with Henry that that was what I wanted. From the moment I walked into the door, I could tell the staff at Baby+Company were going to take great care of me. I felt such a sense of peace, and was confident that this was where I wanted to give birth to my son.

Henry's Birth

12249965_2582931498207_3253130834505934486_nAs a mother and baby nurse, Jenna has seen hundreds of hospital births. When she became pregnant with her son after years of trying, she knew that a hospital birth wasn’t right for her. She wanted to be able to move around and do what seemed right for her body while she was in labor, and she couldn’t do that if she was hooked to monitors and lines. Baby+Company in Cary seemed like the perfect place to give birth to her treasured little one. Here, she shares her story:

5“My pregnancy went very smoothly – no morning sickness or swollen ankles. I like to think it was such a good pregnancy because it took so long for us to conceive! A couple of days after my due date, I started having contractions at 8 pm. Everyone had told me how painful it was going to be, so we didn’t even call the midwife until midnight. I had envisioned that the pain would be so bad that I would know right away that I was in labor, but my contractions were very sporadic. Some were a bit more intense, but I could still talk through them and move around to ease the pain.

12308723_2582940898442_5368666819874718709_nThe contractions kept coming, so we called Baby+Company around midnight. We communicated with the midwives over the next couple of hours, and when my water broke at two in the morning, we headed to the center. My most intense contractions were in the car, because I couldn’t distract myself by moving around.



Jewell, the midwife, welcomed us both with open arms when we arrived. I thought I would be nervous, but Jewell made me feel at peace. I was confident that I was in great hands and my body would know what to do. When Jewell checked me, I was already 9 cm dilated and the pain was getting more intense. Jewell ran a hot bath for me, and I was amazed at how much it relieved my pain! I spent about an hour in the tub. The midwife and nurse could see Henry’s head. I started pushing in the bath but the water was so relaxing that I thought if I got into the bed things might progress more. I tried pushing on my back and side, but I didn’t make much progress that way. The nurse, Anne, and Jewell suggested that I try laboring on all fours. I am so grateful for the guidance they gave me. Once I flipped to that position, things moved quickly. One push, and he was out! He was already crying and turned pink in the blink of an eye! They put Henry on my chest and my husband and I just looked at him in awe. We gazed into his little eyes and immediately fell in love with him. To have that undisturbed time together as a family was priceless. We will never forget it.

7Henry’s birth was an amazing, serene experience. It was everything I envisioned and more. Anne and Jewell were so nurturing and took such good care of us. I felt a sense of closeness, almost like my mother was taking care of me. I trusted them both so much. I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Baby+Company gave us a memory that we will cherish forever. I often think back on our experience and just smile. I am so grateful for the personal and excellent care that we received at the birth center. They gave us the best birth story of our lives.”

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