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My oldest son, Liam came to most of my prenatal visits. He even got to press the button to listen to his brother’s heartbeat so of course we had to get him a doctor kit to play with at home! They knew us by name and I never felt like bringing my two year old with me was a bother.

Finley's Birth Story - Why we chose Baby+Company

Baby and Company, Charlotte was set to open in November and accept clients due in January. With a due date of Jan 7th, a second baby, and measuring ahead of schedule, I was convinced this baby was coming early. I didn’t think we would have a chance to be considered a client. It was Thanksgiving and I saw a news article reporting on the new center. I checked out the website, immediately loved what I saw and started convincing my husband we needed to consider a different experience. We loved our OB and the practice we were at. We had a smooth birth with our first son at the hospital under the same practice but we both just wanted a more unique experience this time. I mentioned Baby and Company to our OB and his response was “I don’t know much about it, but seems right up your ally.” For a moment, I thought, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” but I love that our OB was supportive and open to the idea. I think doctors often get a bad rep for pushing the hospital birth agenda but his confidence in our family solidified the decision that transferring to Baby and Company was fitting for us.

finleys birth story ashley sleepy newbornLucky for us! Baby and Company welcomed us as their first birth. We were more than halfway through my pregnancy when we transferred so we had to get to know the midwives and staff fast. We rotated and got to know the beautiful ladies that quickly became like family. Just walking through the doors at Baby and Company feels like you are walking into this secret community that turns out to be a family. It was a natural decision for us to choose there.

My oldest son, Liam came to most of my prenatal visits. He even got to press the button to listen to his brother’s heartbeat so of course we had to get him a doctor kit to play with at home! They knew us by name and I never felt like bringing my two year old with me was a bother. We were down to weekly prenatal visits so we were at the center often. Every time we were there it was calm and relaxed. It just felt like a home and everything just ran smoothly, like no big deal; we like to catch babies here, in this very space, a space I was very relaxed and comfortable with. In my opinion it is a big deal to catch babies! I don’t see or do that every day but to the ladies at Baby and Company, it isn’t a big deal. This is their jam, they choose to do this and do it with knowledge and confidence that it just happens flawlessly.

It’s Show Time

Two days late, on a Saturday morning, I sent Stephanie Godfrey a text saying “I think today would be a good day for you to catch a baby.” I fill her in on the details that I’m starting to have consistent contractions but nothing we can’t manage yet. That was at 8:30. My contractions were building and I had a quick breakfast with my oldest before I left my husband and toddler on the couch watching “Little Einstein’s” and I retreated upstairs to the shower. I managed on my own taking my time in the shower and getting dressed. I started packing a bag for my 2 year old and making arrangements for him to go with his Nana and Aunt for the day. Then, at 10:30 my water suddenly broke and from that moment, it was game on! Thankfully my mom had just gotten to our house. She gave me a quick kiss before taking big brother to her house. I yelled down the stairs that I wanted to say bye to Liam, but from the minute my water broke we couldn’t get out the door fast enough and we just needed to move. I felt really sad that I didn’t get to say goodbye to my son but there was a sudden sense of urgency that quickly snuck up on us. We sent Stephanie another text letting her know that my water broke and we would be on our way soon. We were gathering the bags and then I yelled to my husband we need to hurry. I must have sounded different or something because I heard him scrambling and tripping over leftover Christmas decorations. We left our house around 11, and my husband tried to avoid all the potholes as we hurried downtown. I’m pretty sure the drive was quiet with the exception of my vocal tones as I clutched the door handle, bearing down and fighting the urge to push. I was in my own space and my body was doing exactly what it was supposed to do, beautifully, albeit a little fast for my taste! Occasionally I would open my eyes and all I could think was; if we get pulled over I’m yelling out the window to grab gloves and a blanket because this baby was coming!

finleys birth story ashley catching babyWe arrived at Baby and Company at 11:25. I almost told my husband to just park in the emergency lane but thought we better not just in case of an emergency with me or our little one. Then I considered having him just drop me at the door but feared the baby would be here before he even parked the car! Justin, being a typical guy parks in one of the furthest spots from the door…  I glance at my phone, see a text from Stephanie asking if I want them to fill the tub. No time to answer, no time to use the tub. I hurry out of the car, pausing in the parking lot, noticing the handicap parking sign thinking I really want to grab that and squat right here. Somehow I mustered and willed myself into the center. I noticed someone opening their arms for a hug. I felt bad that I ignored them and kept walking but it was show time! I get into the beautiful birthing suite and Stephanie says “ok I need to check you.” My face gave her the most spiteful glance. I knew that was necessary but hadn’t prepped myself for that since I was already trying to push. Thankfully, she was fast, helped me undress and get into the bed. I was trying to push already but was on my back since that was just the way I climbed into the bed. She asked if I wanted to change positions and I immediately got on my hands and knees on the bed. I didn’t have time to move anywhere else. I think I heard them turn the water off in the tub realizing I wasn’t going to use it.

finleys birth story ashley newborn examA few good pushes, and a pause looking at my husband “I need help” and that was it. I reached back for our son and held my baby for the first time. It was amazing and so instinctual to reach back and grab and catch my own baby.

I did it! Stephanie did have to help a bit with his shoulders because our little chunk tried to come out with both shoulders at once. I think she said something like “he came shooting out like a rocket,” (while simultaneously shrugging her shoulders up to her neck as if she were a rocket through the birth canal, yea picture that, hahah!)


We were so fortunate to be a part of Baby and Company, and since we were their first birth in Charlotte we had the privilege of the whole team there for Finn’s birth! Stephanie, Becky and Alice Ann were an incredible team. They took great care of me as mom and our newest little chunk. They all hold a very special place in our hearts as they were there for such a special moment in our lives.

The recovery was amazing. We had time to ourselves to start our breastfeeding journey and we got to enjoy the intimate moments right after birth uninterrupted. I actually felt great. I was riding on this adrenaline high and despite the comfort of the bed, I just couldn’t sleep. I was in such awe of what we just accomplished again to welcome a second son.

finleys birth story ashley kissing dadWe had pulled into the parking lot at Baby and Company at 11:25 and had a baby 19 minutes later. (That’s less time than the episode of Little Einstien’s that I left Liam watching that morning).

Finley Thomas Prusiensky was born at 11:54 am weighing 9 lbs 7 oz and 19.7 in.

We snuggled our newborn, ate lunch, snuggled some more and headed home. We called my mom and told her to go ahead and bring big brother home. We introduced Liam to his baby brother, Finn, then had dinner together now as a family of four. We took Liam up to bed at his normal bedtime and settled back into our new normal. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon. Besides having a baby, it was just a normal Saturday afternoon. 

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