Nashville Spaces

Whether you need wellness coaching, well-woman care, prenatal, birth or post-natal guidance, we’re here to offer our expertise and make you feel right at home.

Birth Suite Amenities

Serene and spacious, our birth suites provide a comfortable place to have a baby and have a rest. If you choose a birth center delivery, you’ll be supported by an attentive nurse midwife who will listen to you, let you bring who you want, eat what you want and move how you want.

Large Beds

Our queen-sized beds give you plenty of room to find comfortable positions during labor and offer a cozy spot for cuddling after your baby arrives.

In-Suite Bathrooms

Our spacious in-suite bathrooms feature Japanese toilets with heated seats and bidets, plus walk-in aqua therapy showers. They’re so nice, we won’t judge you if you decide to stay in here the whole time.

Hydrotherapy Birth Tubs

Deep soaking tubs are great for easing tension and relieving pressure during labor. If you want a water birth, they’re also the perfect place to have your baby.

Swedish Bars

These sturdy ladders are fantastic for anchoring and supporting the body as you find comfortable positions to help open the pelvis.


Control the lighting, play your own music and choose your essential oils. It’s all right at your fingertips and can be changed whenever you want.

Communal Spaces

Pain Management

Labor is intense. So in addition to comfort amenities, we also have nitrous oxide, birthing balls, TENS units and more to help give you relief when you need it most. Not to mention an amazing team of kind people who will dab your sweat and have your back the whole way.

Safety Equipment

You won’t see our medication, IV’s and other medical supplies out on display, but you can be sure they’re tucked in drawers inside our suites for easy access at a moment’s notice.

Care Rooms

Our wellness coaching, well-woman care and prenatal appointments all take place in the privacy and comfort of care rooms equipped with all the necessities. Most importantly, every room also features a person who will take time to listen to you.

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