Mommy and Me Classes in the Triangle

After your little one arrives, you’ll probably be cooped up in the house for the first few weeks. You and your baby are practically attached at the hip, especially if you’re breastfeeding. But as your child learns and grows, you’ll both be eager for opportunities to get out of the house. Most moms love talking about their babies, and you’ll have plenty to dish about as you and your child make new friends at these Mommy and Me classes in Research Triangle Park.

New Moms Group at Baby and Company
Of course, we have to start with our very own class – the Birth Club New Moms Group at Baby and Company in Cary!  This six-week series will introduce you to a group of mothers whose children are right around the age of your newborn. You’ll be going through the same milestones and dealing with the same issues together. The New Moms Group is a safe space for you to talk about your concerns and questions with the guidance of educated professionals. Make lifelong friends as you celebrate the triumphs and commiserate over the tears with fellow Cary mothers. You’ll also learn infant massage and age-appropriate activities to help you engage with your child!

Mommy and Me Swim Lessons
Cary has several options for moms who want to teach their little ones to swim. You may want to try a few different classes to find the best fit for you. Babies as young as six weeks old can go in the pool, but we recommend that you wait until your child is six months, so he or she will have had time to strengthen the immune system. The Triangle Swim School has parent and baby swim lessons for children as young as six months. If you’d like to take your baby earlier, try Aqua-Tots. They’ve opened a new location in the High House Crossing Shopping Center in Cary, and you can enroll with your child when he or she is four months old. The Cary Family YMCA also has parent and child swim lessons for toddlers between the ages of 18 months and 3 years.

Mommy and Me Yoga Classes
Yoga is a fun, relaxing, fulfilling way to bond with your child. Of course, a Mommy and Me yoga class isn’t quite like a kid-free class at a typical yoga studio. At most classes, poses are modified so you can hold your little one. Some programs may include instruction in baby massage as well. Although your three-month-old may not be ready for tree pose just yet, the sights and sounds of the parents and children around him will keep his attention as you meditate and work out. Babies are welcome at the Postnatal Yoga class at Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill, and Evolve in Cameron Village in Raleigh also offers infant and parent yoga sessions. The Open Arts Studio in Morrisville has family yoga classes, so everyone can participate!

Mommy and Me Music Classes
Nurture your child’s love of music in a Mommy and Me music class! We can’t promise that your baby will be ready to play symphonies or sing an aria, but we can promise that it will be fun for you both. KinderVillage Music on Kildaire Farm Road in Cary has several classes for the youngest children, including Kindermusik Village for newborns through 18-month-olds. If your child is three months or older, you can participate in Laugh and Learn Family Time or Wiggle and Grow Family Time. These classes are great if you have older children who want to participate as well! Jammin Baby hosts classes at several locations around Research Triangle Park. Sproutsongs Music of Raleigh also offers programs designed to include kids of all ages (and grown-ups as well!).

Whether your schedule is jam-packed with Mommy and Me classes or you just try out one or two sessions, the important thing is that you are spending time with your child. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to join any class, participating in an activity in a group setting has several benefits. You get to meet and socialize with other parents, and your child gets the chance to interact with other kids and adults. Try not to stress about skill development or how much your child is actually learning – odds are he or she is not going to emerge from this class as the next Mozart or Michael Phelps. The skills your baby is learning may not be as obvious, but he or she is absorbing knowledge like a sponge, from hand-eye coordination and balance to etiquette and enthusiasm.

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