Meet the Baby + Co. Family Member: Ashley Wage, Finance Coordinator

What does a Finance Coordinator do?

Verify insurance, create cost estimates and help patients budget their cost into a payment arrangement. I don’t just tell you your cost, I explain where that cost is coming from and how your insurance will process your claims.  Maternity billing is not like typical office visits, and its nice to understand how global maternity billing works.

I am also very accessible to make changes, update insurance and walk through any insurance and finance related questions.

How long have you worked at Baby + Co?

3 years in May 2020

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of what I do, is being able to take away some of the stress around navigating the healthcare system and insurance world.  Pregnancy is often the first time families and young people are utilizing the entirety of their insurance and it is not easy or straight forward.  So, I like being able to sit down and give folks a good overview on how to understand insurance and what to expect on the cost side.  No one likes to be surprised by a large bill after their baby is born, and that is how most large facilities work.

Should toilet paper go over or under?


How long have you lived in Nashville?

30 years

Who are you ultimate dinner party guests?

Barack and Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Princess Diana and Anne Frank

What’s your super power?

Parallel parking

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