It’s in the Bag (The Diaper Bag)

diaper bag

Confession: I have never been a minimalist. Whether it’s packing for a trip, or packing my daily purse/tote bag, I always, ALWAYS have more than I could possibly need. Which means I tend to overpack my son’s diaper bag – but somehow, in the beginning, I’d overlook simple things. Like underestimating the amount of diapers needed, or only packing one spare outfit (ha!), or packing 6 books for an infant. Now, ten months into the game, I’ve learned to pack smarter. I’m a big fan of learning what works for you, but here’s a checklist for packing the diaper bag.

If you’re using it as a diaper bag/purse, don’t forget these mom essentials:
Hair tie/clip
Lip balm (in a pinch, it can also be used as a balm on baby’s chapped cheeks/mouth)
Hand sanitizer
The phone numbers of your pediatrician, hospital, and emergency contact (though these are likely in your phone, but in case of an emergency or you don’t have your phone, you’ll still have the numbers)

Baby Must-Haves
Diapers (1 for every 1-2 hours, and a few extra)
Wet/dry bags or plastic bags (holds dirty diapers, soiled clothes)
Burp cloths (my favorite are aden+anais Burpy Bibs, which can also be used as bibs)
Lightweight swaddle blanket (can be used for nursing, as a blanket, or a stroller cover)
Two changes of clothes
Pacifiers/teethers (2-3)
Toys (rattles, board books, etc)
Changing pad
Diaper cream
Baby wipes
Teething gel
Gas drops
Bottles and formula if needed (my favorite are the small, on-the-go formula bottles)

As Needed
Small containers of baby food (the squeezable ones are super easy to pack)
Baby silverware
Snacks (for toddlers and/or you; I like the reusable PlanetWise small snack bags)
Extra pair or two of training pants
Change of clothes
Nursing pads
Hat for baby (either summer or winter)

What diaper bag packing tips/tricks have you found? What are your absolute must-haves in your diaper bag?

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