How to Choose a Fertility Tracking App

fertility tracking app

Humanity did a great job of reproducing before the invention of the fertility tracking app —but apps have drastically simplified the process of pinpointing your fertile days.

Search for “fertility tracker” in the App Store, and you’ll come up with too many choices to count. And at the time of this writing, around 30 of those choices were highly rated by users (4.5-5 stars). These applications generally allow you to track your menstrual period as well as your basal body temperature, discharge, and other factors related to your cycle, and they spotlight your fertile days. Often they also offer the option to share this data with your healthcare provider.

So how to decide? One way is to look at highly rated apps with unique features on offer. And who knows? Before long, you may need help choosing an app to guide you through pregnancy.

No temperature-taking necessary
Using only period start dates and a patent-pending algorithm, Dot (free, in-app purchases, iPhone, Android) shows you instantly if you are at low, medium, or high risk of pregnancy on each day. It also gets to know your cycle better the more you use it.

Men can play, too
Glow (free, in-app purchases, iPhone, Android) allows female and male aspiring parents to track their fertility. The app tracks men’s data about their health and lifestyle to find potential issues. Plus, you can link your account up with your partner and view your combined data. It’s also available on Apple Watch.

Sync with fitness apps
Because health and fitness can be related to fertility, some women may find it helpful to keep all their data together. In addition to the above features, Glow syncs with MyFitnessPal and others. Another app, Ovia (free, iPhone, Android), allows users to sync with FitBit, Jawbone, and Withings Fitness devices.

Like the Dot app above, as well as Glow, Clue (free, iPhone, Android) claims that the more you use it, the smarter it gets. While many fertility apps offer communities where users can connect, Clue also lets you share your data with your partner, friends or family, and even view your closest friends’ cycles in one place. Plus it gives calendar alerts about your fertile days and the start of your period. Also available for Apple Watch.

Streamline your temperature tracking
If you want this process to be even easier, and you’re willing and able to pay $129 for a wireless basal body temperature (BBT) thermometer, Kindara (free, iPhone, Android) may be the app for you. The smart thermometer, called Wink, syncs your daily temperature to the app.

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