Guidelight #2: Trust the process.




When I hear “trust the process” I can’t help but think of birth.

Robbie Davis Floyd, a well-known anthropologist who dedicated her work to the study of American birth, wrote about the idea of birth as a rite of passage. When an individual is going through a rite of passage they are neither what they were before, nor what they will be on the other side – somewhat like the “goo” phase of a butterfly’s metamorphosis.

It is daunting to feel that “goo” uncertainty but so necessary to our growth and transformation. Trusting the process is about asking yourself to believe that you are strong enough not to know, not be certain, and not be in total control. It’s an invitation to be open, curious, and compassionate to your own becoming.

It’s a perfect way to start a new year.


Guidelights Playlist

Margaret’s music choice to accompany this Guidelight is “Delta” by Mumford and Sons. 

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Margaret Buxton, CNM, DNP, is the Clinical Director of Baby+Company.

She is a passionate advocate of the birth center model of care—which puts women and their families first. This evidence-based, high-value approach to maternity care extends the range of options available for clients and provides a caring environment conducive to a safe, healthy birth. She is married and the mother of four children, Lila, Ava, Mack and Bodie. 

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