Gender Neutral Nursery Themes That Aren’t Overdone

gender neutral nursery

Many couples choose to wait to find out the sex of their baby. A 2007 Gallup poll found that if respondents just found out they were pregnant, 51% would go ‘Team Green’ and wait until the baby was born to learn the gender. This choice comes with some challenges, though, since you’ve got to be prepared for either. So when you’re not sure if you’re expecting a boy or a girl – or you just want some great gender neutral nursery ideas– check out some of these adorable themes that will work perfectly for either sex!

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is one of the few classic children’s stories that hasn’t been completely Disney-fied (no offense, Winne-the-Pooh), and it’s got characters of all shapes, sizes, and types. While it isn’t totally overdone, it’s not so unusual that there aren’t plenty of curtains, sheet sets, fabrics, pictures, and stuffed animals for you to decorate with. Your future Flopsy or Peter Rabbit will love it!


The Australian outback is an adventurous setting for a future explorer’s bedroom. From kangaroos and koalas to dingoes and crocs, the flora and fauna of Australia is sure to inspire some gorgeous artwork for your child’s walls. The color palette – think sand, rust, deep blues and pale lavenders – will grow with your baby. This is not a theme you’ll need to update as soon as your little pioneer turns two!

Hot Air Balloons

There are so many opportunities for color with this theme. You could hang hot air balloons from the ceiling, or light up the room with a hot air balloon lantern. Paint the walls (and ceiling!) a dreamy sky blue, and stencil some puffy clouds in for a sweet, restful haven. Ambitious and artistic parents could paint a hot air balloon mural. Hot air balloon decorations are abundant, and you can incorporate any colors you like!


Antiques aren’t usually the first thing people think of when they’re brainstorming gender neutral nursery themes, but this could be charming for any boy or girl. Think old-fashioned toys, like a rocking horse, cast-iron truck, or jack-in-the-box. A wooden cradle (that actually rocks), and vintage posters illustrating Mother Goose’s rhymes or the alphabet continue the theme. And if you have any hand-me-downs from your family, they’ll fit right in!


Can’t decide on a color scheme? Choose them all with this vibrant theme! A rainbow theme works for boys or girls, and its versatility allows you to incorporate anything you absolutely have to have. Fall in love with a red comforter, but worry it won’t match that lime green pillowcase your partner insists on? Anything goes when you’ve got so many colors to choose from. Plus, what’s cheerier than a rainbow?

Outer Space

This celestial theme might seem male-oriented at first blush, but we’re not thinking rockets and UFOs. The stars, moon, and sun will inspire any child, and the dark tones of this color palette will calm your baby at bedtime. Stars are having a moment in interior decorating right now, so you’ll have a wide variety of wallpapers to choose from. Paint or frame a few quotes (e.g., “You are my sunshine” or “Twinkle twinkle, little star”) and your little girl or boy will be ready to reach for the stars.


Gingham is a precious, old-fashioned fabric, but it only has so many places in this world – namely, country-style blouses, picnic blankets, and nurseries. Take advantage of the opportunity to use this underrated pattern, and your nursery will look sweet as can be. Gingham fabric comes in several colors, and it’s easy to sew a pillow, curtains, or a bed skirt to add that homemade touch to your child’s room.

It isn’t easy to wait nine long months before learning your baby’s gender, but planning the nursery doesn’t have to be difficult. Any of these fun, creative themes will have your little one sleeping in style! How did you decorate your gender neutral nursery?

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