Explore the Baby and Company Guidelights with us!

Join us as we explore the Baby and Company Guidelights for 7 weeks, beginning January 13th. 

Click here to download your own printable version of the Baby+Co Guidelights

  1. Learn all you can.
  2. Trust the process.
  3. Stay open to change.
  4. When you can’t change the situation, change how you think about it.
  5. Acknowledge that sometimes things are hard to do, but that you can do hard things.
  6. Be kind to yourself and each other as you navigate the changes.
  7. Find the things you can be grateful for.

Walk into the center on any given day, and you’ll see a copy of these Guidelights – on the refrigerator, hanging above someone’s desk, in the nurse’s station, and woven into our classes.

Based on Jon Kabat Zinn’s 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness, the Guidelights are a group of simple motivational tenets that can serve as touchstones to empower and inspire you throughout pregnancy, labor, parenting, and beyond (hello, New Year’s resolutions)!

The Guidelights can be used individually, together, in any order, or in any situation as needed. They can be used as mantras in labor, an inspiration when you or someone you know is going through a hard time, or as a reminder posted on your own fridge for just when you need it most.

Over the next 7 weeks, follow us on social media as we walk you through and explore the Guidelights one-by-one. We’ll have guest bloggers and vloggers, and practical exercises to complement each Guidelight. And, as always, share with someone you think could benefit from a little mindfulness and fresh perspective!

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