9/9/20 COVID-19 Updates for the Baby+Company Family

Your safety is our top priority. Our team is responding daily to information and evaluating our response to ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect you and your family.

This web page will be your source for the most updated information about our efforts at the birth center. We are open 24/7 and will continue to provide care at Baby+Co. Beginning 3/18/20, per the recommendation of VUMC leadership wishing to prevent the possibility of viral exposure further, our midwives will not be providing in-hospital care for Baby+Co clients. Instead, all hospital care for our clients will be with the Vanderbilt Midwives, a group that we have always worked closely with and will compassionately provide a midwifery model that puts women and their families first.

Prenatal Care

Most visits will be TeleHealth unless you are notified otherwise before your visit. 

  • TeleHealth visits are via video chat, and you DO NOT need to come to the birth center. Check your Maternity Neighborhood messages for details the day before your scheduled appointment.
  • We will call you within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time if your visit is going to be in person and may need to adjust your visit time slightly. 
Tools you will need for Telehealth:
  • Buy or borrow an automatic blood pressure cuff. Click here to visit a company that will work with your FSA/HSA plan. Click here for more information on how to take your blood pressure. 
  • Purchase/rent a fetal heart rate doppler OR use this app to download one on your phone. Click here for more information on using the app.

If you are coming to the center for an in-person visit or lab draw/collection:

  1. Park in the parking garage. There are signs in each parking spot to indicate LAB DRAW, LEAVE A SAMPLE, SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT, IN LABOR. Please use these parking spots accordingly so that we can best serve you.
  2. Text (do not call) 646-581-2902 to let us know that you’re here and wait in your car for a member of our team to come greet you.
  3. We will ask you some screening questions, take your temperature, and check your oxygen level before you enter the center.
  4. We are requiring that all of our clients and visitors enter the buildings with masks (home-made is fine, you can find ideas here).
  5. All in-person visits will be done in exam rooms.

Additional precautions for in-person visits:

  • Coming by yourself is ideal, but if that is not possible, please limit to one support person and do not bring children. Your support person will be asked to wait in their vehicle, and we can video conference or call them into the visit if needed.
  • All visits for those clients who are having symptoms of illness, have a pending COVID-19 test, or are Confirmed positive for COVID-19 will be by telehealth. Clients are eligible for in-person visits 14 days after the resolution of signs of illness.


Ultrasounds have been moved to the Center for Women’s Imaging located a few blocks from the center, or to a local radiology group near you if you prefer. 

Returning to care after COVID

  • We are modifying our current policies around returning to care after COVID to align with VUMC and the CDC.
  • The amount of time each person needs to be in quarantine is dependent on the symptoms of the illness. We will work with you to individualize your plan of care.
  • We will no longer require negative COVID tests after the illness is over to return to care

Birth Care

We will encourage all of our expecting families to minimize any risk of exposure starting at 36wks. COVID infections around the time of your due date will mean that you will need to have your baby in the hospital, so strict quarantining will help keep you eligible for birth care.


We will screen all clients prior to entering the building, and we will not support care for any mother who has symptoms of illness at the birth center. Please let us know if:

  • you have signs of illness before, during, or after labor.
  • you have been recently tested for COVID-19, even if the results are pending.
  • you have had contact with someone confirmed positive for COVID-19.


  • We are requiring that all of our clients and visitors enter the buildings with masks (home-made is fine, you can find ideas here).
  • Mothers will be asked to wear a mask in early labor and for postpartum. No mask will be required in active labor.
  • Partners and support people are required to have a mask on for the duration of your stay.


  • Clients in labor will be limited to one support person and one doula at the birth center. If you do not have a doula, your limit will be one support person.
  • We ask you do not bring siblings in for a visit, but have them meet the baby at home.
  • No visitors with signs of illness will be allowed in the building.

 Click here for the updated VUMC hospital and clinic visitor policy.

During labor

Transfers and planned hospital birth

If you are planning a hospital birth at Vanderbilt or if you need to transfer to the hospital in labor, you will be cared for by the Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwives. Your birth plans will be honored and you will be well-cared for by this compassionate team of midwives.


Postpartum visits after delivery will be done in the center to reduce the chance of viral exposure. We will return to doing home-based postpartum visits when it is safe to do so.

Classes, support groups, and tours

Classes, support groups, and tours have been moved online. Registration is on our Eventbrite page.

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