before + beyond pregnancy.

before pregnancy: get well+prepared

Whether you’re just dipping a toe in the water or you want to dive right in, the Baby+Company team is here to help you.

Well+Prepared is a pre-pregnancy program with three components:

  • Consultation – A health coach and midwife team gives expert advice that’s tailored to you, as you are, right now. Leave with a detailed plan of priorities and goals personalized for your body and life.
  • Classes – Take a class, raise your knowledge, meet fellow future moms. You’ll get information you can put to immediate use and practical tools to help you reach your goals. Find Well+Prepared classes and sign up.
  • Coaching – For some women, boosting chances of conception may be a matter of a lifestyle change, like changing some of the foods you eat or finding healthy ways to manage stress. Whatever your health or lifestyle goals, your personal Pre-pregnancy Health Coach can guide and motivate you to achieve them.

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beyond pregnancy: focus on you

In the months after pregnancy, the Baby+Company team provides postpartum care and education, family planning services, screening for mood disorders, lactation visits, parenting classes, and routine gynecologic care.

We take time to consider your whole self. We talk about all the parts of your life that affect how you feel from day to day. The goal is to help you find ways to make improvements that lead to your best possible physical and emotional well-being. And that’s what wellness/holistic care is all about.

Yes, we call ourselves Baby+Company, but we’re about much more than having babies. We offer a range of healthcare across a woman’s lifespan. We’re here to help you find your path to a lifetime of healthy choices.

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