Guidelight #6: Be kind to yourself and each other as you navigate the changes.


“Change is good.” Bah-freaking-humbug to that.

 I’m typically one that adores a good empowering phrase. Hit me with Chinese proverbs all day! Give me your extra fortune cookies and throw your slips of advice at me like confetti! I love it! But whenever someone says, “Change is good!” it has always crawled under my skin. Because sometimes, change is just flat out painful.

 After birth, my twin sister and I spiraled down the rabbit hole of jumping from family member to family member until we ultimately landed a childhood in foster care. Ten families, four first names, and three adoptions later, we finally aged out of the system at eighteen years old and have lived independently since. It was a trippy world of constant change, some traumatic. During that time, the greatest gift I received was that I had my sister with me to navigate those many changes together. The kindness and love we shared – and still share – for one another was the fuel that grew our superpowers of resilience. I’m convinced that that same kindness can be shown to everyone we encounter. Instead of living my life with “change is good,” as we maneuvered through change, I decided that my life would instead reflect, “Change reveals your strength.”

 As we all know, change will continue to hit us every day. Just the knowledge that things can change any second can seem extremely scary and overwhelming. But take a deep breath and think, “What can these changes do for me?” Because the best gift of change is that it grows your resilience and allows you to face it much better the next time. And there will be a next time. 

But you can’t just push through, ignoring your physical and mental health when change is hard, and you can’t do it alone. Be kind to one another and yourself during times of change. Change is an engine that is continuously chugging, and the kindness we show to ourselves and those around us is the oil that keeps it running smoothly. 

It’s an oil that’s not in short supply, but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it can feel hard to access. Don’t wait until you need it. Cultivate kindness constantly. Take a moment to tell a colleague what they are doing well today! Leave a secret note for someone! Write a love note to yourself! Take a hot bubble bath and eat take out – did you know Styrofoam containers float in the bathtub?!?!

 “Change reveals your strength,” and it will also reveal the many helpers you have in this change, including yourself. The process is just easier if you lead with kindness. 


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A proud foster-care survivor, Keeli Faith worked for 5 years as an actress and full-time nanny while putting herself through college where she graduated Cum Laude with her Business Management degree from Huntingdon College. Upon graduation, she moved to Nashville to pursue a career in photography. 

In July of 2017, Keeli Faith welcomed her first baby into the world. She is elated to have the opportunity to marry her passion for new mothers and her business background in her career. 

Keeli Faith loves spending her free time with her partner Nathan and son Arthur cozied up at home or exploring new places around Nashville. She loves taking photos, eating breakfast for dinner, reading, and can almost always be found with a large coffee in hand. 

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