Ask a Doula Series, Part 3

ask a doula

Doulas have so many great stories to tell and so much advice to give. Their wisdom cannot be contained to just one blog post. So here we are again with part three of our Ask a Doula series! Make sure you catch part one and part two if you missed them earlier this week!

Can you share your favorite picture of you doing your doula work?

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What is the most important question a family should ask when interviewing a doula?

For me, I would want to know WHY they are a doula? Whether their motivation is to support me and teach me as I navigate labor, birth, and motherhood or is it motivated by a personal desire of theirs?
– Amber Mohr

I would also like to know how they have dealt with difficulties within births that have arisen to better understand how well they deal with stress.
– Kimberly Payne

How will you support me to make the best decisions for my family? What I’m getting at is that I think it’s very important for doulas to objectively support the informed choices a family makes, regardless of what the doula herself would do; that’s the way to empower.
– Megan Fleeman

I think it’s a tie between “Why are you a doula?” and “What is your philosophy on birth?”
– Kelly Larabie

I think any question that a client asks about a doula is an important question to him/her. Questions and topics of conversation lead us to understanding what they care about.
– Hillary Harvey

“Will you support my decisions no matter what I choose?” – Obviously I think the answer should be “yes” but I’m surprised that some doulas have certain things they feel very strongly about that may prevent them from being able to fully support the client.
– Katie Richardson

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