An Integrative Care Experience

At Baby+Co., we believe that every woman should have the choice to create her own unique birthing experience. While many expecting mothers share our beliefs, most are unaware that there are options available to them. Choosing to give birth in a birth center, is one of them.

In the United States, there is a long history of delivering babies in a hospital setting. The majority of babies are brought into this world by hospital-based OBGYNs. Times are changing, however, as more and more women look for a more natural, holistic approach. The popularity of giving birth in a birthing center, under the care of a midwife, has been on the rise. The number of births in birth centers grew by more than 75.8% between 2004 and 2013. This unprecedented growth to an out-of-hospital environment demonstrates the demand for greater birthing options.

At Baby+Co., we recognize that by giving you options, we empower you to embrace each stage of your pregnancy. We work tirelessly to bring more choices to you so that you can welcome your newborn into this world in a way that is closest to how you imagined.


Creating Amazing Birth Experiences

Our goal is to create an amazing birth experience for every client. Education and collaboration are both key components of how we accomplish this. We teach you how to interpret your body’s subtle signals and adequately prepare you for labor. Our trained clinicians, with their collaborative care approach, make sure that you remain an active participant in the decision-making process concerning your care. You can trust that our qualified providers will work hand-in-hand, each bringing their unique set of skills to support every aspect of your pregnancy.

The Gap Between Birth Center & Hospital

In the United States, historically, hospital-based obstetricians and family physicians don’t have an accurate idea of how birth centers work. They often have misperceptions about Board Certified Nurse-Midwives and the scope of their training. This lack of understanding is the primary reason for the gap that exists between health care providers in the birthing center and hospital environments.

The Need For Integration

To help reduce this gap, we have recently transformed our Nashville, TN location into an integrative birthing center. By bringing on board a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist we have successfully increased the scope of our services. Dr. Thigpen with his passion for improving women’s healthcare is a wonderful addition to our dedicated staff. The integration of physicians into our centers allows us to give expecting moms even more choices. At our center, you can choose to have your baby in any one of the following ways:

1. At the birth center with a midwife

Having your baby at the birth center under the care of a midwife is the model offered by most birth centers. Throughout your pregnancy, you will have regular visits with your Certified Nurse Midwife. During this time, it is likely that you will form a special bond and feel most comfortable with the idea of delivering with your care provider. Midwives are highly skilled health professionals and they are trained to care for healthy women during all points of their pregnancy.

2. At the hospital with a midwife

Whether the birth in hospital is planned or the result of a transfer from the birth center, this option allows mom seamless care with a Baby+Co. Certified Nurse Midwife by her side. Our midwives benefit from special privileges at our partner hospitals, allowing them to not only care for our clients throughout pregnancy but also at the hospital during their labor. Delivering in hospital with a Baby+Co. midwife also allows the opportunity to have an epidural for birth if you so desire.

3. At the hospital with our physician

This third scenario allows you to have our midwife and/or physician care for you through the duration of your pregnancy and then give birth in a hospital with our physician by your side. As your pregnancy develops, you may find that giving birth in a hospital may suit you better after all. At our integrative facility, our staff physician will have the ability to take charge of your labor in the hospital.

Besides offering more choices to women with low-risk pregnancies, having a physician on staff also benefits those who are considered high-risk. High-risk pregnancies have a greater potential for complications, leaving moms with much fewer birth options. Having a physician on staff at our birth center allows you to receive focused care and attention from our staff along with regular visits with a Medical Doctor.

We are excited to have Dr. Thigpen join us on our mission to create amazing birthing experiences. To learn more about our new physician, read his Biography below.



Dr. Richard Thigpen has always known his calling. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Physics from Fisk University in Nashville, TN, he continued his studies at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, MI. This is where he obtained his Doctorate of Medicine. Dr. Thigpen completed his internship and residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan, where he served as the Chief Administrative Resident and received the 2013 Medical Student Teaching Award. During his undergraduate research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he met his wife in Knoxville. The couple has three children, but they often welcome foster children into their home. He is a devoted father who will never miss the opportunity to cheer on his sons at baseball and football games and support his daughter at her dance recitals.


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