6 Baby-Friendly Summer Activities

It’s summertime, which means going outside to play and experience all kinds of new smells and sights and sounds! The key, of course, is to find age-appropriate summer activities. Slather up with sunscreen (babies six months and up), because we’ve got some great ideas for you that are easily age-adjustable. Please note that all recommended activities require adult supervision.


Exploring the outdoors together

Ages: All ages

Feeling and smelling flowers, leaves, and branches is a great way to make the most of summertime. Watch the birds at a birdfeeder (or your neighborhood dogs!), and make animal sounds for baby!


Splash Pad

Ages: 6+ months (or, once baby can sit supportively)

Product Recommendation: Baby Pool Splash Pad with Stackable Rings

A great outdoor option for babies who can confidently sit and support themselves, this inflatable pool pad offers the fun of a splash mat without the older kids marching around! Plus, different pads come with different built in toys!

Larger splash mats are available for children 18 months+.


Edible Paint

Ages: 6+ months

Product Recommendations: Homemade edible paint recipes abound online – the easiest ones just involve corn flour (corn starch), water, and food coloring!

Edible paint is a great way to help baby explore color and texture. Embrace the mess, and use water activities to help baby wash off after!



Ages: 4-6 months+ (or, when baby starts to eat solid food)

Note: In lieu of Jello, you can also substitute homemade options with more nutritional value.

Jello is a great sensory tool for baby. While as a snack, jello does not have nutritional value, its texture can easily be incorporated with other toys for a fun summer playtime. You can easily put jello into Tupperware containers that can hold other age-appropriate toys for baby to dig out! This becomes a treasure hunt for baby as they dig through the Jello to get to other toys. Put the container in the fridge so that it’s pleasantly cool for baby in the hot summer.  


Visit a farmer’s market

Ages: All ages

Farmer’s markets are great ways for baby to experience the different sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of summer. From fresh flowers to tasting food samples to live music, there are many ways to adapt your experience in a way that exposes baby to new sensory perceptions.


Rings & Cups in a Water Table

Ages: 18+ months

Product Recommendation: Little Tikes Water Table

Water activities are the best in the summer! If your little one can grasp with their hand, they can sit in your lap and splish splash with the cups in the water. Alternately, you can skip the cups and help guide their hands in the water.

This is also a great option for little ones with older siblings!



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