4 Craft Ideas for Baby’s First Valentine

No matter how recently you welcomed baby to the family, the first Valentine’s Day is special. It’s an opportunity to establish new traditions and, of course, to dress baby up in a fun outfit for pictures.

But it’s also the chance to create a special memento for the family. Whether your little one is six weeks or six months, there are a number of different crafts that can be adjusted to suit their abilities – with varying assistance from parents.

The Baby + Co. team had a few ideas about different ways to incorporate crafting into playtime by painting with their hands and feet. This can include tummy time, for those of you with little ones who are working on building their head, neck, and upper body strength. The only tools you’ll need are sturdy paper (of your choice) as well as washable paints!


The Classic Valentine’s Day Heart

Use your baby’s feet to pattern a heart! This can be layered with lace-cutout paper, red and white paper, and cut out into a heart shape itself.


Family Tree

Use baby feet to create the brown tree trunk and their wee hands to create the green (or autumnal red and orange!) leaves!

After the paint dries, you can mark up the family tree with the names of family members and close friends who have been with you during baby’s journey through life so far.


Flower Bouquet

Surprising mom with a flower bouquet of baby feet! Have a parent or big sibling draw the green stem, paint baby’s feet the color of mom’s favorite flower, and carefully plant the feet on top of each stem so that baby’s feet paint the petals!

This could be a single stem or a whole bouquet!


The Word “Love”

A Valentine’s Day classic, this option is a great way to get big siblings involved. Have them write the letters “L” and “E”. Use baby’s hand as the “O” and the two feet as the “V.” Or, get the whole family involved – have one person responsible for each letter! 


P.S. We are having Valentine’s Day celebrations at our Nashville and Winston-Salem centers tomorrow! For more details, click the links.

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