10 Gifts Your Baby Can Give Dad for Father’s Day

gifts for father's day

It’s his first father’s day as a dad, and of course you want to mark the occasion! Just because your baby doesn’t talk yet doesn’t mean he or she can’t buy a little something (with your help, of course) to show how much all that hard work is appreciated. If you’re running short on ideas and baby isn’t helping much, Baby+Company has you covered. Here are ten perfect gifts your baby can give dad to celebrate his very first father’s day!

  1. An adorable onesie. For the baby, not for your husband! There are so many cute onesies out there that it’s almost impossible to pick one. Look for one that shows off that father-child relationship. Cute sayings that also compliment daddy (think “I get my muscles from my Dad!”) are perfect. If your husband is a die-hard sports fanatic, dressing up the littlest fan in his or her first sports team gear is sure to make Dad smile.
  2. Matching shirts. Before you dismiss this gift idea outright, there is a classier way to do it than identical tie-dyed footie pajamas. There are plenty of matching shirts that will make you smile rather than cringe. Try this “copy” and “paste” set for the technodad, or go more subtle with this oak tree and acorn. There’s a set of matching outfits out there for any husband and child, whether Dad loves Star Wars or beer.
  3. Coffee. Those late nights can take a toll on the parents. Show Dad that baby understands he needs to refuel, too, by gifting him some gourmet coffee. It’ll keep him going as he’s wiping up spills, picking up toys, and chasing after a newly mobile crawler! Bonus: you might be able to sneak a few cups in there for yourself!
  4. A break. Mom, you might need to help with this one. This gift can take many forms depending on the age of your child. Maybe you volunteer to do all the night feedings on Father’s Day eve. Perhaps your husband gets to skip out on diaper duty for a whole day. Perhaps you just give him a few hours off from daddy duty to do whatever he wants. There’s no doubt this gift will be appreciated!
  5. Baby handprint. Those tiny little fingers and toes will never be this small again. There are plenty of kits available to capture those prints; you can create photo frames, stepping stones, drawings, and shirts. Moms, you’re going to want to enlist some help in this project – it’s a two-person job! This gift is best if your child is six months or younger, as older kids might have trouble applying the right amount of pressure.
  6. A digital photo frame. It’s so hard to pick just one photo to frame! A digital photo frame shows off hundreds of photos of your sweet family. Look for a Wi-Fi frame that allows you to send photos from your phone or computer. As you take pictures of your babe during the day, you can automatically send them to the frame for Dad to enjoy!
  7. A book. Show Dad how special he is by gifting a book that’s all about that beautiful relationship between father and child. Go all out and get a personalized book, or just choose a classic favorite. We like Jimmy Fallon’s Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, Eric Carle’s Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me, and board book Daddy Hugs for the littlest ones.
  8. A backpack baby carrier. Even if your husband isn’t a hiker, these backpack baby carriers are perfect when you don’t want to push a stroller. Whether you’re at the farmers market, a museum, or the zoo, Dad will appreciate a comfortable child carrier that frees up his hands. And baby will love being able to see everyone’s faces from his high perch.
  9. A massage chair. No, we’re not talking about one of those full-size chairs (although if you want to, go for it!). Instead, spring for a massaging seat he can attach to his car seat or work chair. These usually go for under $50, but the benefits will be well worth it – especially if he’s got a long commute!
  10. Big Daddy Marshmallows. This sweet treat is sure to please any father. The three-pack is just right for a splurge that won’t make him feel too guilty, and baby’s still too young to enjoy this delicious snack. Just try to keep your hands off it, Mama!

Of course, the best gift you and your baby can give your husband is just to let him know how much you appreciate him. Whether you write him a card about the many things you love about his newfound fatherhood or you write a note on behalf of your baby, make sure you celebrate and mark this momentous occasion. On this day (and every day!), let the father of your child know that you couldn’t do it without him.

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