According to the American Pregnancy Association, “nesting” is the urge to clean and organize. Nesting during pregnancy is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby. To be fair, I’ve been nesting for months but this past week I was hit hard by this urge to prep ALL things for baby. Many friends have lamented that they wished they had done more prep prior to the third trimester when they had more energy, so I’ve heeded this advice and tackled projects along the way. Her clothes have been washed and organized for a few months. All her bottles and the breast pump parts have been washed and sanitized. Most of her nursery is set-up, save a few key décor items and essentials. Her crib already has a mattress (even though she won’t be sleeping in it for months) and the changing table/station has been ready to go for a few weeks. Since I’ve fully embraced this nesting energy, I wanted to share the planning and organizing we’ve been up to lately and what we have planned for the next few weeks.

Preparing for Birth

Birth Center Bag Checklist

I adapted a checklist from Mama Natural’s hospital bag checklist to better suit our needs for birth at the birth center. As her due date draws near, I will write a post on exactly what is in each of our bags (one for mom and baby, and one for dad).

  • Dad’s Bag Additions – requests from my husband
    • Labor Contact List (index card)
      • I created a “short list” of who to contact, in what order
        • Baby+Company, our birth photographer, our parents
        • Our close friends
      • Visual Birth Plan (in case of transfer to WakeMed)
      • Birth Announcement Email List
        • A list of our family and friends to email with our birth announcement when the time comes


I love being organized and I’m a huge fan of binders for, well, just about everything! I tote around my “Baby Fleck” binder with me to every appointment, class, etc. I’ve updated it this week to include a few more tabs of important information. We’re also in the process of creating a Will (using Quicken’s WillMaker) since we don’t already have one in place. I’ve found Nolo’s New Parent Checklist to be very helpful.

  • Baby Fleck Binder (Pre-Arrival)
    • Mindful Birthing & Birth Class Notes
    • Breastfeeding notes & resources
    • Newborn Care notes & resources
    • Instructions
    • Labs & U/S
    • Important Receipts
    • Registry List & Thank You List
    • Consignment (Kid’s Exchange)
  • Baby Fleck Binder (Post-Arrival)
    • Pediatrician’s notes/contact/important dates/info
    • Child’s Birth Certificate worksheet
    • Applying for baby’s social security card
    • Insurance for new baby
    • Childcare information
    • New Parent Checklist
      • Guardianship
      • Creating a Will

Baby Gear

I have been keeping a list of baby gear and items that we need to read the manuals for prior to baby’s arrival. This week, I’m starting to assign dates to each item so we can read the manuals and watch the tutorials over the next few weeks.

  • Manuals/Tutorials
  • Baby K’tan
  • Solly Wrap
  • Baby Bjorn Bassinet
  • Pack n’ Play
  • BOB Revolution Stroller
  • Chicco Car Seat & Base
  • Medela Breast Pump
  • Spectra Breast Pump
  • Ergo Carrier
  • BumGenius Diapers (prep) & washing instructions

Postpartum Prep

During our second trimester group visit, a wonderful suggestion came about regarding freezer meal prep in advance of baby’s arrival. I have a good friend who is due date is very close to mine, so we’ve decided to designate 3-4 evenings in May to preparing easy crockpot and casserole recipes that can be frozen. We’ll also be making lactation cookies and preparing a few labor and postpartum care items.

  • Labor items
    • Energy balls – Tip: I add chia seeds and vanilla extract

I’m not sure how long this “nesting” energy is going to last so I’m taking full advantage of it while I can!

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