Are you considering expanding your family? Are you starting to think about adding a little one to your family, or maybe trying for number two or three? Did you know there are some easy pre-pregnancy wellness steps you can take to improve your health and better equip your body to conceive?

That’s why Baby+Co. created our new, pre-pregnancy wellness program, Well+Prepared. Baby+Co.’s pre-pregnancy wellness program specifically is designed to improve the health of women for future pregnancies, as this pre-conception program provides individuals with a wellness plan customized just for them.

Every woman’s pregnancy journey is not the same. That’s why each pre-pregnancy wellness program starts with a comprehensive, individual consultation with a health coach as well as a certified nurse-midwife. Your Well+Prepared team will complete a thorough review of your health history, including results from any recommended pre-pregnancy tests, questions about your nutrition and lifestyle, and a better understanding of your personal health goals.

Sound expensive? It’s not! The initial pre-pregnancy wellness program consultation is just $70 and most insurance plans cover this program.

“Our main goal is to help women and their families be as healthy and prepared as possible, and the best way to have a healthy pregnancy is to start pregnancy healthy,” says Amy Romano, a certified nurse-midwife who led the team that designed Well+Prepared. The program emphasizes nutrition, but also helps clients make changes to their overall lifestyle and habits to improve their health before pregnancy. This can give your natural fertility a boost, and has been shown to reduce complications in pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or growth problems for the baby.”

The Well+Prepared program offered by Baby+Co. also offers classes and workshops that zero in on the big questions people have when trying to have a baby. You can sign up for one class at a time, or all four. The four programs are listed below:

~ Eat: Learn simple ways to eat better for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

~ Breathe: Help manage stress and calm the mind for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.

~ Nest: Get smart about money, before baby.

~ Conceive: Know your fertility signs so you can conceive when it’s time.

Well+Prepared also provides an option for monthly, one-on-one health coaching to help you stay focused and committed as you work toward your desired results.

So whether your goal is weight loss , better sleep habits, improved nutrition, or reducing the impact of stress on your health, Well+Prepared has options and education that will help you get there.

Well+Prepared is a pre-pregnancy program from Baby+Company. Get expert consultation, informative classes, and 1-on-1 coaching to help you conceive a healthy pregnancy. Well+Prepared is available in all Baby+Company centers. Find the center near you:

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Sign up for a Well+Prepared Consultation and Coaching visit today to receive personalized weight recommendations and help achieving your nutrition and weight loss goals.