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Elke Bachmann. CNM.

Elke Bachmann’s personal birth experiences drove her to become a certified nurse-midwife. “I was inspired to work with women and infants by the supportive, empowering care I received from certified nurse-midwives when my children were born,” Elke shared. “I believe all women should have the opportunity to choose midwifery care.”

Elke is proud to be of service to all women, including those who have unique family structures. “Since midwives are among the few specialists formally educated in the care of LGBT people,” she explained, “I’m happy to make my practice a place for them to receive high quality care and start their families in a safe, respectful environment.”

Elke sees her role not just as a medical care provider, but as a teacher. “One of my favorite things about being a midwife is helping women learn about themselves and their babies,” she said. “I want to help them develop the knowledge and awareness they need to make independent, informed decisions that meet their personal goals.”

Elke has a son and two daughters. “We enjoy fostering rescue dogs and playing with the ones we kept for our own,” Elke said. “We also love cooking together, all fine and performing arts, and spending time with our extended family.”

When Elke gets time to herself, she pursues a rather notable hobby. “I’m as serious a student of West African music as time allows,” she said. “I’m also on the board of the Cradle of Jazz Project, a nonprofit encouraging cultural exchange, and creating access to education and health care for American and West African artisan children.”

Undergraduate school
Winston Salem State University

Graduate school
Frontier Nursing University, Hyden, Kentucky
Masters of Science in Nursing – Nurse Midwifery Concentration

American Midwifery Certification Board

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