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Candy Scarbrough. IBCLC, Educator.

Candy’s personal breastfeeding journey began with her firstborn, in 2000. Breastfeeding was not something her family talked about, but she decided to tackle it on her own, anyway, never thinking to ask anyone for support. Though each of her three breastfeeding relationships were successful, each was very different and included challenges such as supply and infant weight management struggles, an undiagnosed tongue tie, a NICU stay, and breastfeeding management for an infant with multiple heart anomalies. It was her experience with her third child that stirred her to help others on their breastfeeding journeys and to begin to practice as a certified lactation counselor intern in 2009 at a teaching hospital. She worked with expectant, newly delivered and NICU mothers. She obtained her license as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and began working at the breastfeeding center at Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center in 2013. It was at the center where she gained experience working with mothers and their infants or toddlers in: infant weight management, nipple trauma and healing management, and infant oral assessment and function, in addition to general breastfeeding concerns. In 2014, she began working through Breastfeeding Consultants of Knoxville Home Visits, and in 2016 also worked as a pediatric assistant to a frenotomy specialist.

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