One of the most important things you can do to ensure the health of your baby during pregnancy is being sure to eat a healthy, nutritious, and well-rounded diet. However, nausea and food aversions can promptly put an end to your plans of good nutrition during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. I found this to be true for me but I’m happy to report that once I entered the second trimester, my aversions have waned and I can prioritize eating healthier once again. Battling Food Aversions in the First Trimester The first trimester was a definite challenge for… Read More

At some point in her pregnancy, almost every woman has had a cringe-worthy moment. Maybe a stranger makes an offensive comment in passing. The partner might be an innocent perpetrator of one of these statements. But whether you’re friends with someone who is pregnant, married to a pregnant woman, or just your average person on the street, here are ten of the worst things you can say to a pregnant woman: When are you due? March? Never guess when a woman is due. We are not at the fair. You are not the creepy guy who guesses people’s weights or… Read More

I’ve never had many girlfriends. Growing up, I always seemed to have more in common with the guys than I did with my female peers – and that was just fine with me! Even in college, I disdained the company of other ladies, instead befriending my now-husband’s fraternity brothers. My mother-in-law would tell me, “You need some girlfriends! Every woman needs to have other women to confide in!” and I’d always brush her off. After all, I’m married to my best friend – what need did I have for others? But if you’re like me, the birth of your first… Read More

Around three o’clock in the afternoon almost every day, I start fantasizing about what my evening is going to look like. My two-year-old will be in bed by eight (fingers crossed) and hopefully the baby will be napping contentedly in his swing or, more likely, my arms. I picture enjoying a delicious meal with my husband before snuggling together on the couch and sharing a bowl of popcorn as we watch one of the Oscar contenders for Best Picture. In reality, by the time 8:30 rolls around, we’re both exhausted. It’s a little late for dinner, and no one has… Read More

We all know that daily exercise is important – but what about exercise during pregnancy? Are there certain activities that are unsafe? What are the benefits for you and baby? And what do you need to keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of your exercise routine? Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy: Improves overall general fitness and strengthens your heart and blood vessels Promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy Reduces back pain Eases constipation May decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery Aids in weight loss after your baby is born May improve long-term… Read More

Kids love holidays, and Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to emphasize how important it is to let people know you love and care about them – not just on the day of the holiday, but every day. While picking out a box of store-bought valentines and filling them out is fun, if your schedule permits, why not get a little crafty with it and add a personal touch? Here are some Valentine’s Day activities you and your toddler can do together. Milk Bottle Sun Catcher I found this activity on Kids Craft Room, and it reminded me… Read More

Baby+Company is so pleased to announce that our newest birth center is now open in Knoxville, Tennessee! Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett was on hand for the January 26 ribbon cutting and unveiling of our new birthing center, located at 1512 Coleman Road. During the ceremony, several media outlets learned about our unique, customer-focused model of care as they toured the new birthing center and top-of-the-line birthing rooms. Later that week, we hosted over 200 East Tennesseans as they asked questions, toured the birthing center, ogled the amazing door prizes offered by our partners, and enjoyed hours of… Read More

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the pregnant lady in your life, Baby+Company has you covered. Future moms, take note – this is a Valentine’s Day gifts for pregnant women guide you need to share with your partner! Instead of chocolates, try… Whatever she’s been craving! When I was pregnant, I was obsessed with SuperPretzels. I’d make all six and gobble two a day, which is crazy because I haven’t had any before or since. But one night my husband surprised me with the mother of all super… Read More

One of the biggest milestones and appointments of any pregnancy is the anatomy ultrasound (or anatomy scan). The anatomy scan typically takes place between 18-22 weeks. This is the appointment in which most couples find out the sex of their baby (if they want to find out), and also where key measurements of the baby are recorded. I should take a few steps back and say that we found out the sex of Baby Fleck when I did the Harmony Test (mentioned here) and we are tickled to share with you all …. That it’s a baby girl!!!… Read More

For the first few weeks of your newborn’s life, he or she has a lot of adjustments to make. Drinking milk, peeing, pooping, breathing air…there’s so much going on that it’s no wonder your newborn is exhausted. But while some things (like breathing) are quickly grasped, others (like relieving newborn gas pains) take a little more time and effort. Judging by an infant’s face, baby gas pains are quite possibly the most painful things in the world. While it’s hard to hear your little one howl, don’t panic! It’s likely that the screaming and tears are just your newborn’s way… Read More

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