When it comes to pregnancy and birth, we know parents are inundated with choices. One of those choices may be to give birth with a midwife and/or in a birth center. At the end of the day, you want to make the choice that is best for you and your baby, and at Baby+Co., we are committed to supporting you at every step. However, we know that not everyone in your life understands every choice you make. Getting everyone on the same page as you prepare for baby can be a challenge, especially if you… Read More

It’s summertime, which means going outside to play and experience all kinds of new smells and sights and sounds! The key, of course, is to find age-appropriate summer activities. Slather up with sunscreen (babies six months and up), because we’ve got some great ideas for you that are easily age-adjustable. Please note that all recommended activities require adult supervision.   Exploring the outdoors together Ages: All ages Feeling and smelling flowers, leaves, and branches is a great way to make the most of summertime. Watch the birds at a birdfeeder (or your neighborhood dogs!),… Read More

Recently, Baby+Co. cooperated with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on an external review of our Cary center. While we thank DHHS for conducting their review,  lack of familiarity with birth centers was evident in their report, resulting in significantly flawed findings.  We have responded to DHHS with a robust list of factual inaccuracies and misguided conclusions that create a distorted impression of the quality of our safety systems and the professionalism of our care providers.  We have taken recent events in our Cary center very seriously, and have conducted a series of internal and external reviews… Read More

Like childbirth itself, every childbirth class is a little different. Because of this, there is a lot of uncertainty about the necessity of the class itself. After all, your body knows what to do in labor, right? How necessary is a childbirth class? The thing is, a childbirth class prepares you for more than just what your body will do in labor (which itself is something that is worth preparing for – more on that later). A comprehensive childbirth class will help you and your labor support partner create a birth plan and learn about the options you’ll have during… Read More

Complete Care isn’t just our philosophy – it’s our practice. Have you ever left the doctor feeling unheard? Frustrated by long waits and short appointments? Or that gnawing feeling that your pregnancy and birth plan isn’t a collaborative effort but is, rather, a series of decisions being made for you by your provider? We’ve been there – we’re moms, too. At Baby+Co., we believe that women and their families deserve better maternity care. Plain and simple. We designed our Complete Care model to be grounded in evidence, combining best-in-class medical services with wellness practices that considers physical and emotional needs –… Read More

You’ve heard about midwives, and you’ve maybe even seen Call the Midwife – but what do midwives in the 21st century really do? What education background do they have? How is a midwife different from an OB/GYN? Today, we are answering all your questions. So, what is a midwife? Board Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are specifically trained to care for healthy women, with a special emphasis on low-risk pregnancy and birth. They are trained in collaborative care models that engage other healthcare providers. Baby+Co. Read More

Birth is one of the most rigorous natural processes a body can go through. Yes, some bodies are built to do this – but wow, who knew all the stuff that went with it? There are some things that, courtesy of your mom and the internet, you probably know, like that you will defecate at some point during the process, or that newborns can have trouble latching onto the nipple to breastfeed. But here are some lesser known facts about birth and the immediate aftermath – the challenging and… Read More

You want to get back in your routine and implement some self-care – but how soon can you get back to the grind post-pregnancy, and what should you focus on? There are a number of basic exercises and stretches you can start incorporating back into your life soon after a nonsurgical childbirth to start rebuilding core strength and cardiovascular endurance. One of our lead midwives and the Clinical Director out of Nashville, Margaret Buxton, recently spoke to Brit + Co. with tips about post-pregnancy exercise. Building… Read More

Water birth. It’s one of the main reasons people are interested in out-of-hospital birth, but there are a lot of myths around it. We talked to some of the Board-Certified Nurse Midwifes here at Baby+Co. to debunk some of the most common myths around water birth and to uncover why hydrotherapy – laboring in a tub or shower – is really so popular among the mamas in our centers.   Myth: Giving birth in water is more beneficial than a “land” birth. The benefit of hydrotherapy isn’t so much about the actual birth – it’s about the labor. While the… Read More

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, or if you’re already trying, you may have read about lifestyle adjustments you can make in order to boost your fertility and odds of getting pregnant. But here’s the thing: pre-pregnancy health isn’t just about helping you get pregnant faster. Pre-pregnancy health is also about having a healthier baby and making sure you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Increasing research shows that key complications in pregnancy are tied to pre-existing health issues. Many of the health issues that can affect baby are set in motion before the pregnancy begins, or in… Read More

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